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[2000-11-18-MPPW-TV] Jerry Lawler & Spellbinder vs Steve Bradley & Slash


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As Jerry Lawler joins Dave Brown, Dave says how you don’t mess with ‘the King’, Brandon Baxter did last week and he paid for it. Lawler believes that he got what he deserves and then cleverly segues plugging Jim Carey’s new movie ‘The Grinch’ into replaying the footage of him throwing the fire. He hoped that would settle everything, but then Baxter started complaining that he’s disfigured and badly burned. As he was whining and crying so much he offered to pay for his medical bills and it just so happens they took some cameras along when Baxter paid a visit to see his own doctor, Dr Salmons. Brandon’s face is covered by bandages and the doc suggests that they could give him skin grafts to treat the burns. He thinks they could use some skin from the top of his head for his nose, but they’ll have to take some skin from his backside for the rest of his face. That tickled Jerry and Dave! ‘The King’ is in a good mood now and says this reminds him of the good old days where he would wrestle one, two, even three matches on the same show and would like to do that again because there are a couple of guys that he has some issues with. First of all he still has unfinished business with Slash and once he’s through with him, thinks he can have an MCW title match with the new champion, Steve Bradley. Dave likes the idea of that, when the two of them get interrupted by the Spellbinder. Things seem pretty cordial between he and Lawler now, but says how last week he was beating the MCW champion from pillar to post, and while he doesn’t care what ‘the King’ does to Slash, thinks that he should get the first title shot at Steve Bradley. Commissioner Dundee, still trying to ‘raise the roof’ is out to join the fun. ‘The Superstar’ says that when Lawler had the belt he made all the rules around here, not anymore though as there is a new sheriff in town! Instead he thinks they should have a tag match where Lawler and Binder will team up together to take on Slash and Bradley. ‘The King’ is a bit weary of teaming with Spellbinder as it wasn’t too long ago they were jumping each other from behind. Dundee tells him that he should be used to that though as they’ve been jumping each other from behind for the past twenty years! He adds a further stipulation in, that if one of them pins Steve Bradley, then they win his MCW title.


First appearance of Victoria who’s accompanying Bradley to ringside. The MCW champ opens aggressively, repeatedly kicking Spellbinder in the mid-section. He whips him to the corner but there’s no-one home on the charge and Binder with a release overhead belly to belly. Scoop powerslam for two and Bradley tags out to see what his partner can do. Spellbinder reverses the Irish whip and a great gorilla press where he just drops Slash chest first to the mat. ‘The King’ goes to town on Slash, looking to get a bit of payback for when he attacked him with the tyre iron last week. After ramming his head into the turnbuckle he’s happy to let him tag out to Bradley as he fancies getting his hands on that MCW title of his. Lawler with a ‘stunner’, but Bradley is able to get a foot over the bottom rope to stop the count. Side headlock and he shoots ‘the King’ into the ref, KO’ing him for the grossly overdone Memphis ref bump. With the official down ‘the Triad’ (Seven and Headbanger Thrasher) attack Binder on the apron and drag him to the back, allowing Bradley and Slash to double team ‘the King’. Bradley telegraphs a backdrop and Lawler sets him for the piledriver when Slash is in with a clothesline to quickly put a stop to that. As ‘the King’ finally looks to have gained the upper hand on the two of them, out runs Brandon Baxter, face all bandaged, who nails Lawler in the back with a blow torch for the DQ. Bradley and Slash then hold him as Baxter plans to burn him with the torch for some retribution of his own. The Kat tries to help ‘the King’ but Baxter tosses her aside and The Dupps arrive just in time to run them off.


I liked how they worked this to have a legitimate reason for Lawler and Spellbinder to team together as, on initially seeing the match listed, did think it was a bit quick after everything that had happened between them. Don’t know if it was getting to work opposite Bradley but this was probably the best Binder has looked all year. A quick note for Victoria who showed plenty of energy and emotion at ringside, reacting to what was happening on the inside and not just standing there doing nothing. The Baxter involvement at the end was expected, although I half thought we might get someone with a bandaged face pretending to be him jumping ‘the King’, and then the real Brandon would attack Lawler from the other direction and there wouldn’t be a scratch on him!

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Pretty lame King promo in the aftermath of the Baxter stuff last year. King mentions Bradley winning the MCW championship on their show and issues him and Slash a challenge. Spellbinder stumbles through some words and here comes Bill Dundee sporting a swank Tennessee Titans jacket. Dundee claims that Bradley’s title is on the line here and Dave says he doesn’t care what Foley says. Not a very strong match as Lawler was FIP but probably the best of the four here. Spellbinder continues to be completely awkward. We hear about MPPW having a show at the car dealership this afternoon. Baxter runs in for the DQ and has a blow torch which is pretty far fetched as well with no heat from the crowd. *

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-11-18-MPPW-TV] Jerry Lawler & Spellbinder vs Steve Bradley & Slash

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