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[2000-12-02-MCW-TV] Steve Bradley & Tracy Smothers vs K-Kwik & Shooter Schultz


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Tracey seems to be trying to impress Victoria with his dancing, although Bradley is advising him against it! Schultz and Kwik rush their opponents before the bell has rung and they quickly roll to the floor to try and regroup. No time to regroup here as Schultz Irish whips Kwik, who soars over the top rope and out onto them. Shoulderblock off the top turnbuckle to Bradley and Smothers goes to break up the cover, only for Kwik to move out the way and he drops a forearm across his own partner. Bradley shoves him and as they argue amongst themselves they forget about Kwik and Schultz. Superkick by Kwik, Schultz with an overhead belly to belly and the heels are again on the outside. For some reason Tracey is blaming Victoria and he shoves her in the chest. Not smart, as she responds in kind, shoving him back with Smothers taking a bump on the concrete for her. Bradley then throws him back in the ring, getting more and more frustrated with his partner. After a pair of Schultz T-bone suplexes, Victoria grabs at his ankle. He steps out to go after her, but the distraction has its desired effect as Bradley nails him with a baseball slide dropkick. Tracey is keeping the ref occupied on the inside allowing Bradley to work over Shooter on the out. The heels continue to goad and provoke Kwik on the apron and he falls for it every time. Constantly trying to get in there, but that just means Bradley and Smothers can double team Schultz behind the referee’s back while he’s dealing with Kwik. Tracey is once again dancing in front of Victoria, but she’s clearly neither a fan nor enjoying it! He shouts “bottom rope offense” and drops a forearm across Shooter’s throat from the lowest tier. When he goes to repeat from the middle, there’s no-one home as Schultz moves out the way in time Hot tag to Kwik, but when Smothers goes to tag Bradley he turns his back on him. He enters moments later anyway so not sure what the point of that was as it wasn’t like he’s leaving Tracey to go it alone. Axe kick, powerslam, followed by a leg drop off the top and Victoria is up on the apron. Kwik would rather sexually assault her than win the match as he forgets about the cover, goes over and kisses Victoria, flips her into the ring and then puts her over his knee and spanks her. ‘Krushbuster’ (which is a sit out face first suplex) on Bradley, and Smothers is there to break up the pin. He hits another on Tracey and that’s enough for the win as Bradley can’t get there in time to save his partner like he did him. Good stuff here.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-12-02-MCW-TV] Steve Bradley & Tracy Smothers vs K-Kwik & Shooter Schultz
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Quick start for the faces and the heels are in disarray. Tracy shoves Victoria and she shoves him back knocking him on his ass. Bradley picks Smothers up and sends him back inside the ring for more punishment. Victoria distracts Shooter and Bradley is able to take over roughing him up on the outside. Tracy is awesome on top dancing around and delivering some nice little punches to drive the action. The elbow drop that allows for the hot tag was also well done. K-Kwik runs through everyone and then sexually assaults Victoria by kissing and spanking her. The faces end up picking up the win in a good main event tag for MCW. **

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