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art19 down?

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I have a question...


I use the site https://art19.com/ to keep track of most of my favorite podcasts and access the archives. They had homepages for Something to Wrestle, E & C's Pod of Awesomeness, Jim Cornette's Drive Thru, and What Happened When. Basically, I think they had archives for anybody who was hosted by MLW and not Podcast One. I found this site really convenient because the archives were listed and you didn't have to be a member to get to them. Also, I don't use iTunes so for me, this was pretty much the best way to get to all my favorite podcasts. I know the individual shows must be okay with this site, because in Conrad Thompson's case, the URL for SomethingToWrestle.com actually redirected to art19.


The site is still up, but all the individual pages and archives appear to have vanished since the weekend. I checked art19's Twitter feed and there doesn't appear to be a mention of any problems. Does anybody here have any idea what is up? If art19 is no longer an option, does anybody have a suggestion regarding a good way to access podcast archives? Most of my favorite shows have YouTube Channels so I may end up going that route.


Just wondering if anybody knew anything...

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This is embarrassing. Turns out it was a Firefox problem. There was an automatic update, after which I could no longer view art19, and (as it turns out) the WWE Network for some reason. Wasn't even my ad blocker either, I already had those disabled on those sites. I'm not even sure what extension or add-on is doing it, but when I checked art19 using a different browser, it worked fine.

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