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  1. The Thread Killer

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    I remember back then, they announced that Superfly Snuka’s cousin was coming in, and I was super excited because I had been a huge Superfly mark (in my defence I was just a kid and didn’t know Snuka was a coked up murderer at the time.) Then “Superfly Afi” made his debut and after seeing him wrestle I was decidedly less excited. Then they changed Sivi Afi’s gimmick to “High Chief Afi” and put him with The Islanders and I still wasn’t excited. Then Tama left and they decided Haku was King Haku and put a crown on him, and I was confused more than anything. EDIT: Here is Afi’s debut with Haku and Tama against Brady Boone, Outback Jack and…Steve Blackman?!
  2. It’s official… The new Conrad/Regal podcast debuts next Thursday, and the new Conrad/Foley podcast debuts next Friday.
  3. The Thread Killer

    AEW TV 5/25-5/31

    yeah but EC3 is better because he controls his narrative
  4. The Thread Killer

    WWE TV 05/23 - 05/29 Scooby Doo and Scooby Don't

    I’m sorry I was reliably informed by Vince McMahon that the UFC is not competition for WWE because they are not sustainable, since UFC can’t control the outcomes and big stars can lose at any time.
  5. The Thread Killer

    AEW TV 5/25-5/31

    I agree. I don’t hate The Dark Order as much as I used to, but the fact is they’re essentially enhancement talent at this point, and having them as his wacky comedy sidekicks really didn’t do anything to help Hangman Page establish his character.
  6. The Thread Killer

    All Elite Wrestling

    I agree with you again. We’ve been agreeing a lot more lately. Maybe we should reconsider our relationship, maybe we could get a place together or something, I dunno I’m just throwing it out there. In all seriousness…yes. FTR are red hot right now, it’s kind of crazy to me that as of today at least, they’re not on this PPV. I know a lot of people are speculating that Kyle O’Reilly might actually make it into the finals of the Owen tournament, so I can see why they are not going to book FTR vs. ReDragon. If they are going to do that match, I would like to see it built up properly and maybe even be an ongoing angle. But I don’t see why they couldn’t run the FTR versus Roppongi Vice match on the PPV. Or hell, at the very least throw them into the world tag team title match and make it a fatal four-way. As much as I generally loathe multi-team tag matches…At least give FTR something. They are too good and too hot right now to be left off a major pay-per-view. In the overall picture, I have a bit of an issue with the way the Tag Team division has been booked in AEW. I love that they treat the titles with respect and give the matches the amount of time and attention they deserve. Much better than any other league I know of. But on the flipside, they have a ton of great talent that never gets showcased properly. Seriously, when was the last time Santana & Ortiz had a normal tag team match on TV? Private Party have been stuck with Matt Hardy and Andrade for way too long. They have a ton of talent that barely ever gets to wrestle on TV and that is a real shame. I am really hoping that ROH ends up getting a TV deal somewhere and that a lot of this AEW talent who isn’t getting the time they need and up there.
  7. The Thread Killer

    All Elite Wrestling

    Ugh, I still have nightmares about that god awful Survivor Series “Deadly Games” tournament he booked, or even worse that WCW World Title tournament. SO. SHITTY.
  8. The Thread Killer

    All Elite Wrestling

    I seem to make it a point to only agree with @El-P about twice a year, since we seem to have totally divergent opinions on pretty much all things related to Pro Wrestling. This appears to be one of the rare occasions I couldn’t agree with him more. When the man is right, he’s right. Seriously. The Miz is infinitely inferior to MJF by pretty much every measurable metric. It’s not even close, really. Sure, Miz might be one of the best at cutting scripted, Vince language, approved verbiage, WWE style heel promos. But if you put him in the ring across from MJF with a microphone in his hand and no script? MJF would eat his lunch. And in the ring, MJF just keeps getting better and better. MJF has had better matches in AEW over the past 12 months than Miz has had his entire career. Miz can’t even master throwing a goddamn worked kick. Honestly, he’s the shits. People really need to stop comparing the two of them because it’s not even close. Miz reminds me more of Peter Avalon than he does of MJF.
  9. via 411: Big Sexy is set to join the world of podcasting. CuCommunications and Podcast Heat have announced that Kevin Nash will launch his own podcast this summer. ‘Kliq This: The Kevin Nash Podcast’ will launch on July 11 and be co-hosted by Sean Oliver. Here’s a press release: “Kliq This: The Kevin Nash Podcast” Set to Join Podcast Heat Kevin Nash and Sean Oliver team up for weekly podcast Former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW) heavyweight champion, original New World Order (NWO) member, and WWE Hall of Famer, “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash is set to jack-knife power bomb the podcast world with the launch of “Kliq This: The Kevin Nash Podcast.” Starting on July 11, Nash, along with co-host Sean Oliver (Kayfabe Commentaries), will bring their uncensored and unfiltered conversations to Podcast Heat, with new episodes dropping every Monday on both audio and video podcast outlets. “Kliq This listeners will get a magical mystery tour into all aspect of life,” said Nash. “No topic is off limits or out of bounds. We will be pop culture driven, but not too timid to attack today’s current cancel culture.” “Kliq This will be the best of what fans loved about our shoot interviews together, just on a much broader scale,” added Oliver. “Fans will slide up to the bar next to Kevin and me for banter and guests ranging from the stars of wrestling, to entertainment, to music and Lord knows what else.” “Before podcasting became common place for professional wrestling, Sean Oliver and his Kayfabe Commentaries shoot interviews were the fans ‘go-to’ for behind-the-scenes stories and information,” said Podcast Heat founder Dave Greene. “And of all his interviews, Sean’s conversations with Kevin Nash were can’t miss. I can’t wait to hear what these guys have in store when the conversations can extend beyond just professional wrestling.” To interact with “Kliq This: The Kevin Nash Podcast” on Twitter, follow @KliqThisPodcast.
  10. The Thread Killer

    AEW TV 5/18-5/23

    Are the Hardys really that much bigger than the Bucks? I always assumed they were pretty much the same size.
  11. The Thread Killer

    AEW TV 5/18-5/23

    I hadn’t even thought of that, but you are right Johnny Dynamite would’ve been a much better name. Oh and Joe’s still got it, dammit. He has looked a lot better in AEW that he did the last time I saw him in NXT. He is hardly in his prime anymore but I think he can still go if given the chance.
  12. The Thread Killer

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    I had heard that as well, that it was a large venue. That makes very little business sense to me. Due to my background in charity fundraising I know how much it costs to rent and run a venue of that size and it is not an insignificant number. They are going to be in the red from renting that venue alone, never mind what they are probably paying all that talent. I can’t imagine that Stroman or Overeem are coming cheap. I suppose it is possible they are getting a percentage of the gate and not a huge upfront guarantee, but I doubt that. Then, as you said… There is the ridiculous lack of leadtime going into this event. Less than a month to promote it does not give them much chance of getting a decent crowd out. I think those guys are going to be sorely disappointed with how this works out. And that’s not even getting into the actual quality of some of those potential matches. The odds of them making any money on this event are pretty much infinitesimal.
  13. The Thread Killer

    Ric Flair (sigh)

    Comedy roasts (when done correctly) can be absolutely brutal. I would imagine that this is going to end up being more gentle joking than actual comedy roasting. Lord knows Ric Flair has given his critics a ton of ammunition over the years, but there is no way in the day and age that we live in right now that anybody will be able to truly “roast” him with material that would ever be allowed to air. Not to mention, if you are going to allow yourself to be roasted, you have to be an extremely good sport and have VERY thick skin. Flair has been known to be sensitive to criticism (remember how he reacted to what JR and Shawn Michaels said about him in the 30 for 30 Documentary?) so if anybody actually said some of the things they COULD say…I can see this going very wrong. Kind of like that Iron Sheik roast that Kayfabe Commentaries tried to have a few years ago, when Scott Hall tried to attack one of the comedians for making an Owen Hart joke.
  14. The Thread Killer

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Precisely this. I myself have had a moustache (well, a goatee technically) for lo these past 29 years…yet in all that time, I can honestly say that while shaving, it has never ever crossed my mind even once to say: “Hey, you know what would be fun? Making myself look like Adolf Hitler!”
  15. The Thread Killer

    Ric Flair (sigh)

    Honestly, I think the whole rumour originated because some AFS subscribers asked Conrad during an AMA that since he now has so many big names working with him and so many connections in the business, would he ever consider promoting his own show, and he gave them the old “never say never” answer which started the speculation. But then Jarrett and Bishoff both fed into it and have been dropping hints about it on social media. But as I said I am sure it is mostly done in jest.