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  1. The Thread Killer

    WWE Network... It's Here

    The good thing about Cornette's podcasts is that they get broken up into individual segments on YouTube, and before he posts the clips Brian Last edits a lot of the most inflammatory nonsense, and the majority of the political rhetoric as well. This way, a few days after the podcast has aired, you can just check out YouTube and peruse the individual topics, rather than having to listen to 3 plus hours of Cornette going insane. I have been a Cornette fan, but I can't sit through his entire podcasts anymore. It's just the same shit, week in and week out, over and over. I know Joey Janela sucks, and I agree that Kenny Omega looks and acts like a pretentious dork, but I don't need to hear it every damn week. I agree though, his Bob Armstrong tribute was very good. Obviously, Cornette knew the man very well and it was moving to hear how choked up he got discussing him.
  2. So there is an update on this story. Today Conrad did another episode of "Ask Conrad Anything" and unsurprisingly, one of the questions was about the two new podcasts he has coming up. The question was if Conrad could give anymore information about the new upcoming podcasts. Conrad repeated the story that he had been contacted by three WWE Hall of Famers about doing podcasts, and he had said yes to two of them. The news is that WWE has (in Conrad's words) "put the kibosh" on one of the shows, and will not allow it to proceed. The way he worded it made it sound like whoever the potential host was supposed to be, they are not only in the HOF but they are somehow active in the company, and WWE do not want the person doing a podcast with Conrad. Keep in mind, Bruce and Eric had contracts with Conrad before they came back to WWE, otherwise it is unlikely WWE would have allowed them to do the show. Working for WWE seems to be what has prevented both Paul Heyman and Jeff Jarrett from signing deals with Conrad. I think if an active WWE employee (I mean independent contractor) is going to do a podcast, WWE wants to control it. Apparently, WWE is trying to start a podcast network of their own and Corey Graves and The New Day already have podcasts. (I was totally unaware of this.) However, Conrad said the other potential podcast is still a "go" and he will be announcing the details "as soon as he can." He has mentioned that there is a fair bit of legal stuff to do before starting a podcast, that he and all five of his co-hosts have actually individually incorporated independent companies for each of their shows. It sounds like this is helpful for accounting and tax purposes, but it also means each individual show has to negotiate their own individual ad sales, etc. Also of note from today's show... Conrad said that he was very close to signing a deal with Jerry Lawler to do a podcast using "The Conrad Thompson podcast model" like all of his other shows. However, this whole thing got scuttled when Lawler returned to active commentary duty in 2019. Conrad says that when Lawler finally steps back from an active role in WWE, it is quite likely they will end up working together. Conrad mentioned that due to Lawler's 50 years in Pro Wrestling there could be no end of topics they could discuss. (Hopefully lots of classic Memphis and not so much Attitude Era "puppies" shows.) Conrad said that Lawler has an excellent memory and is one of the best storytellers he has ever met, and all Lawler needs is the right co-host and format in order to have a successful podcast. Conrad was asked if he had ever considered using his business plan/format to do a podcast outside the world of Pro Wrestling. Conrad says he has, and in fact he anticipates launching an MMA themed podcast and a College Football podcast at some point in the New Year. Conrad said that the MMA podcast would not be with an active fighter, but with somebody who would be known to any serious MMA fan, and has worked behind the scenes in MMA for years. So the bottom line is, we are only going to be getting one new podcast from Conrad that is Pro Wrestling themed, and the more I think about it and the more I hear from Conrad and read between the lines, the more I think it is going to be Mick Foley. Foley doesn't care what WWE thinks of his outside projects, he has proven that twice...once when he refused to sign the book deal they wanted him to and signed one on his own, and secondly when he refused to give them permission to use his likeness for something unless they paid him more than they were offering. Also, Conrad has spoken glowingly of Foley in the past, said he'd love to do a show with him, Foley's books and stand up tours have already shown he has a knack for this kind of thing...and Lord knows Foley loves to make money, which he undoubtedly will if he does a podcast with Conrad.
  3. Here is my understanding of what happened between Conrad and Russo, based on Conrad's side of the story... In the Spring 2018, Vince Russo had a podcast on Podcast One called "Castrating The Marks." From what I understand, the show basically consisted of Russo ranting about current events in the world of Pro Wrestling. (Not unlike The Jim Cornette Experience, ironically). I guess one of the major features of the show was Russo taking shots at various Pro Wrestling fans, journalists and internet columnists (and of course at popular target Dave Meltzer) most especially at those who dared question the brilliance of Vince Russo. One of his favorite targets was Ryan Satin, who had a well established antagonistic relationship with Russo. Satin had apparently cost Russo some advertisers by going to them and telling them some of the unsavory things Russo has said and done over the years. So Russo said all sorts of mean things about Satin on his podcast, and pretty much sicced his fans on Satin. Ryan Satin claimed that as a result, his girlfriend had received some death threats. Ryan Satin made a huge stink about the whole thing so Podcast One decided to dump Vince Russo, partially due to the controversy and partially because apparently his podcast really wasn't doing all that well anyhow. Even Russo admitted he was making barely any money from it. Russo launched a new podcast which you had to pay for, called "The Russo Brand" on something called The Relm Network, but around this time he contacted Conrad Thompson asking for help with his podcast. This was right around the time Eric Bischoff had ended his "Bischoff on Wrestling" podcast and joined Conrad, and Vince Russo pretty much wanted to do the same thing. Russo was also interested in getting booked at Starrcast, which of course is also owned and booked by Conrad Thompson. You could tell at the time that Conrad was considering working with Russo, because he mentioned him frequently and even promoted Russo's new podcast on his own shows. A couple of things happened which derailed the thing. I guess Russo tweeted a couple of things implying he was going to be at Starrcast and apparently even said things which may have alluded to the fact or hinted that he was going to be at "All In." I guess Cody and The Young Bucks wanted nothing to do with Russo and told Conrad that in no uncertain terms. Russo later claimed he was "working" (bro) but regardless, the idea of him showing up at Starrcast was pretty much off the table. The main thing that ended the possibility of Russo working with Conrad was the fact that Conrad asked the guys who he was already working with at the time what they thought about it, and Bruce Prichard and Eric Bischoff both told Conrad they weren't crazy about the idea of being associated with Vince Russo in any way. That might sound unfair, but I don't really blame Prichard and Bischoff. There are a number of confirmed stories about Russo going behind people's backs, lying and being manipulative. Of course, that seems to be a prerequisite for working in that industry, but I guess Russo is apparently a standout in that regard even for the scuzzy world of Pro Wrestling. Stuff like the way he tried to take credit for work he didn't actually do in the WWF, how he quit WWF with no notice and without even going to tell Vince McMahon in person, his creative and personal meltdown in WCW (including the lawsuit by Hogan and the Racial Discrimination suit which Time Warner had to pay to settle) and especially his conduct when he was working in TNA. Apparently, a lot of documents that were made public when Konnan sued TNA helped illustrate how duplicitous Vince Russo really is. This is a guy who is so toxic that Viacom basically told Dixie Carter that they weren't going to continue to fund TNA if Russo was involved. (So of course Dixie Carter kept him on, tried to hide it and it all blew up in her face.) Conrad decided to respect Prichard and Bischoff's wishes, so he decided against co-hosting a show with Russo. However, Conrad liked Russo as a person, so he decided to try and help him in other ways. Anybody who has listened to one of Conrad's shows knows that he has a tried and true formula. He calls it his "podcast business plan." Conrad has somebody research a particular topic, and then he basically interviews his co-host about that particular topic. Conrad felt that Russo would be successful if he quit "freestyling" about everything under the sun, and instead focused on his own career history and individual topics from his own past. Conrad felt there was a ton of material to draw from, the birth of the Attitude Era, Russo's time in WCW, and his time in TNA. If Russo followed the same template Conrad's other shows did, Conrad thought it would be successful. Since Conrad wouldn't be co-hosting the show with Russo, he did the next best thing. Conrad brought in Matt Koon (who at that time worked for Conrad in ad sales, promotions and music...Koon created the musical theme songs for Prichard's podcast and even sings the theme for Schiavone's.) Instead of Conrad, one of his right hand guys would host Russo's new podcast, and they would follow the Conrad Thompson podcast business plan. The new podcast was called "Truth with Consequences" and in an impressive feat of negotiating, Conrad actually managed to get Russo and Koon a deal with Westwood One. That's impressive when you consider the fact that just a few months before, Russo had been booted off Podcast One. The show debuted in Autumn 2018. At first, the show was apparently somewhat successful. (Whether it's true or not, Russo told Sean Oliver that he was making a lot of money from the new podcast.) Koon and Russo followed Conrad Thompson's blueprint and the episodes were themed around Russo's career. The debut episode covered the time Russo made himself WCW Champion, and Koon and Russo did episodes on Russo's relationship with Hulk Hogan, his feud with Jim Cornette, leaving the WWF for WCW and a profile episode on Chyna. They did individual show reviews like Wrestlemania 14. The problem was, Russo couldn't follow the Conrad Thompson format they had agreed upon. Russo insisted on doing "rebuttal" shows about Eric Bischoff and Dave Meltzer. At Vince Russo's insistence, he started using the podcast as a platform to "defend" his reputation and (just like with his "Castrating The Marks" podcast) the show soon became nothing more than Russo ranting about his critics and defending himself against every perceived slight. Russo started using the new podcast as a forum for his own fantasy booking of current Pro Wrestling and as a pulpit from which he would point out all the mistakes Vince McMahon and WWE were making, plus his criticisms of AEW. (Including his hysterical conspiracy theory that Vince McMahon was secretly running AEW.) The low point may have been when Russo resurrected his "Vic Venom" persona from his days as a writer for WWF Magazine, and actually hosted an episode of the show as Vic Venom. After only six months, Matt Koon quit the podcast, reportedly because he was frustrated with Russo's refusal to follow Conrad Thompson's format and proven blueprint for podcast success. With his new podcast now basically nothing more than a carbon copy of his old unsuccessful podcast, "Truth with Consequences" was removed from the Westwood One podcast schedule after less than a year. Vince Russo continues to host a podcast on "The Relm Network" once again using "Castrating The Marks" as his "brand." However, he has reportedly changed his contact information and cell phone number, and has told people within the industry NOT to give his number to Conrad Thompson, as he is apparently quite bitter over the whole experience. I assume he is upset Conrad would not book him at Starrcast, and that Conrad would not produce and co-host his shows personally. I don't see how Russo could blame Conrad for the fact that he himself refused to cooperate the co-host Conrad set him up with, or follow through with a show format that has proven successful with other hosts. But that's Vince Russo for you. Screw something up royally, and deflect the blame. Not Russo's fault. He's misunderstood...bro.
  4. Conrad has claimed he couldn’t do a podcast with Austin without a lot of legal wrangling, due to the nature of Austin’s contract with Podcast One. Conrad has mentioned that he thinks Austin might even have ownership interest in that company. Conrad has done 10 episodes of his “Ask Conrad Anything” podcast and it has actually been very interesting and informative when it comes to information like this. Although, about half of the answers are about financial advice and mortgages.
  5. During his "Ask Conrad" podcasts at Ad Free Shows, Conrad has said that Bruce has no intention of quitting the podcast, but has admitted that he is looking forward to Bruce either retiring or getting fired from WWE, so the show can "regain it's original form" and Bruce is more free to be critical of WWE. (I don't see either of those things happening, but whatever.) Conrad claims that Bruce knows he has a limited shelf life in WWE (especially considering what happened to Bischoff and Heyman) but he'd be a fool to walk away from it right now because he is making much more money than he ever has made in his life. Conrad pointed out that Bruce now owns homes in Houston and Stanford Connecticut and that ain't cheap. Conrad claims that STW is still the most downloaded of his five shows and it is still making money. I don't see Bruce quitting STW because I think he likes the money, not to mention the fact that Conrad has contracts with his sponsors. During one of the first Ask Conrad Anything shows, he was asked straight out how much money the hosts make, and he said it varies from host to host based on download numbers and advertising rates, but he said that Bruce, Eric and JR are all making six figures. I was skeptical of that, but in a later episode Conrad explained that when STW first started, Conrad himself had to stump for advertisers, and eventually they hired Matt Koon to solicit advertisers to bring in revenue. Eventually, their download numbers got high enough that they signed a contract with a "Madison Avenue advertising firm" which assigned them a rotating stable of advertisers and pays them quite a large dividend. You can tell Jim Cornette and Brian Last have done the same thing, because their sponsors vary from week to week now, just like Conrad's do. Conrad claims that if you can get your podcast to 200,000 downloads a week or more, a major advertising firm will sign you and you can make a significant amount of money. He claims that 83 Weeks is making enough money to support Eric Bischoff financially as a full time gig. If he really is making six figures, then I don't doubt it. I am betting word has got around about how much money you can make doing a podcast with Conrad, and that explains the original post about three Hall of Famers contacting him and asking him to do podcasts. Keep in mind, Bischoff and JR already had podcasts, but once they found out from Bruce Prichard how much money he was making with Conrad from advertising, merchandise sales and live event tickets, they scrapped their original shows in order to go with Conrad Thompson. Conrad has admitted he has been approached by a large number of Pro Wrestling talent and personalities begging him to partner up (including Vince Russo) but he is clearly being very selective regarding who he will work with. Basically, if the thinks the talent in question isn't likely to bring in the type of downloads his other shows do, he probably won't do it. I know Conrad is acting as a "podcasting consultant" and helped give advice to a number of other Pro Wrestling podcasts and help them devise a business plan. (I believe The Blue Meanie, The Good Brothers and Ryder and Hawkins are examples of that.) Conrad turned down Vince Russo out of respect for Bruce and Eric who did not want to be on the same team as Russo, but Conrad did set up Russo with Matt Koon and helped them plan and execute Russo's "Truth with Consequences" podcast, which in true Russo form Russo then fucked up, and blamed it on Conrad, so they are supposedly no longer on speaking terms.
  6. The Thread Killer

    Grilling JR

    Next week's episode of Grilling JR is about Jim Cornette. I got the advance release today. I'm only about a third of the way into the episode and they've already gotten the facts wrong about something, due to Conrad's lousy research. Conrad asks why Cornette and the Midnights left Mid South for World Class at the end of the 1984, and JR says he doesn't know. Conrad asks if it is because Cornette and the Midnights were tired of the schedule or upset about the pay, and JR agreed that it was probably one of those reasons. Which is a great theory...except it isn't true. When they came to Mid South from Memphis, Cornette and The Midnight Express had been told they would be working in Mid South for one year, basically all of 1984 and then they would be moved out. During their year they had worked with Magnum TA & Mr. Wrestling II, The Fantastics, Bill Watts and JYD, and they had of course worked an extended program with the Rock and Roll Express, twice. By the end of the year, they had basically done everything they could possibly do in Mid South, and Dennis Condrey really wanted to work for JCP, so Jim Cornette spoke with Jim Crockett and Dusty Rhodes, and they verbally agreed to a deal where they would finish 1984 in Mid South, take the Christmas Holidays off, and start with JCP in the New Year. Bill Watts is the one who asked Cornette and the Midnight Express to go to World Class, because he had made a working agreement with Fritz Von Erich. Watts told them that they could make decent money in World Class, and after a few months he would bring them back into Mid South, especially for the big shows. They didn't really want to do it, but out of loyalty to Watts they called Crockett and reneged on their verbal agreement. Crockett was apparently more upset with Bill Watts than he was with Cornette and The Midnights, and told them the door was always open for them to come in later (which of course they did.) Cornette and the Midnight Express took some solace in the fact that although the money wasn't great in World Class, the travel would be somewhat easier (always a big issue for Cornette) and besides World Class was super hot in 1984 thanks to the Von Erichs vs. Freebirds feud. The only problem was, The Midnight Express never got anywhere near the Von Erichs (which is insane when you think about it, imagine how great a Midnight Express vs. Kerry & Kevin feud could have been) because the Von Erichs were feuding exclusively with Chris Adams and Gino Hernandez. Finally, the deal with Watts and Von Erich fell apart, leaving The Midnight Express free to go to JCP. The thing that annoys me is that this information is all out there. I assume Meltzer knows all this, since he and Cornette were close at one point. Not to mention, Cornette has discussed their brief tenure in World Class several times on his podcast, and Conrad listens to Cornette's podcast...he admits that during this episode. Cornette did one of his famous "Deep Dives" on this very topic, and it's on YouTube, very easy to find. I like Conrad Thompson, but he really needs to get somebody better to do his research for him. So far, this episode has been a wasted opportunity.
  7. The Thread Killer

    WWE TV 08/31 - 09/06 Real Big Dog Hours

    I like NXT UK, screw you guys.
  8. Those are good guesses, and you are probably right...but I hope you're not. I don't know if anybody ever saw the episode of "Legends with JBL" on the WWE Network that featured Sting but if you didn't, let me tell you...it was not so exciting. Sting seems like a very nice, sincere and humble guy...but as we've learned with Arn Anderson, that doesn't necessarily make you a good candidate for a weekly podcast. Based on everything I have ever seen, when he is "out of character" Sting does not come across as a compelling interview or interesting character. Not to mention, I honestly don't think Sting was always paying attention to what was going on around him during his career. During that Legends episode, he draws a complete blank when it comes to the question of him being the infamous "Third Man" in the nWo. Everybody I have seen interviewed about this topic (Bischoff, Nash, Hall and Sullivan) all agreed that if Hulk Hogan had refused to turn heel, Sting was their "Plan B" to form the nWo, and that it had been discussed ahead of time with Sting. Sting doesn't deny that, but he claims he has no memory whatsoever of the entire situation. I think if Conrad did a weekly podcast with Sting it would probably end up being like the first few months of "What Happened When" with Tony Schiavone. Conrad clearly wanted to repeat the success of Bruce Prichard's podcast only to discover that Tony Schiavone had little to no recollection of anything that was going on behind the scenes in WCW. In many cases he admits he had deliberately not been paying attention. That is why they were forced to "pivot" and go to a weekly watch-along format for his show, otherwise it would have pretty much died on the vine. I think if it ends up being Sting as the subject of one of the new shows, we're going to get a whole lot of "I don't recall" stories. As far as Angle goes? There was a time that might have been a good idea, but I think that time might have passed. I remember @SomethingSavage mentioning in this post after Kurt Angle's return to WWE that his verbal abilities seemed to be declining, and a bunch of us ended up discussing how Kurt Angle's overall presence and presentation seemed to be a lot less impressive than it had been. At first people were speculating that Angle was having trouble doing the scripted WWE promos, but as we surmised later in that thread, it appeared (to some of us at least) that Kurt Angle seems a little slower now than he used to be. Maybe that's an unfair statement to make, and none of us are qualified to diagnose something like CTE or cognitive damage due to substance abuse, but if you're being honest you have to admit that Kurt Angle did not seem the same in 2017 when he came back, as he had when he left WWE in 2006. I honestly don't know how interesting a Kurt Angle podcast would be and if he'd even be capable of being entertaining, telling good stories or being verbally engaging at this point in his life. I am not trying to insult the guy, but I just don't think Angle is as quick as he used to be. Maybe I'm wrong, who knows. Foley is a whole other deal. He has certainly proven that he is an excellent storyteller, and has an outstanding memory (even though he openly admits that he has cognitive issues of his own now.) Mick Foley can be personable, engaging and funny. He had a storied enough career to provide a long list of potential podcast topics. My big worry with a Mick Foley podcast would be Conrad's contribution. You could discuss Foley's time in the dying days of the territories in the late 80's, his time in WCW or even better his time in Japan. However, you know Conrad. He's basically obsessed with the "Attitude Era" and if it was up to him I'm sure we'd be getting the story of Hell in a Cell 98 again, even though Bruce and JR have already pretty much driven those mid 90's topics into the ground. I don't know if Conrad could make a Mick Foley podcast original or interesting, but I guess we'll see.
  9. As I have mentioned in a couple of other threads, I am a subscriber to Conrad Thompson's "Ad Free Shows" service. For a monthly fee, I get all five of Conrad's podcasts released up to a week early and with no ad reads of any kind during the episodes. Also, there is a significant amount of bonus content. Each host either releases a Ad Free Shows exclusive "bonus episode" every month, or does something else exclusive for Ad Free Shows subscribers. Sometimes it is an interview discussing something that they do not feel comfortable discussing on the standard public podcast. An example would be Eric Bischoff and Conrad did an extensive, in depth episode covering Eric's hiring and firing from WWE last year. Some times it is some other kind of bonus content. For example, Conrad and JR have been doing "watch-along" shows on classic Mid South, which has been outstanding. Conrad and Arn have done some JCP watch-alongs which have been interesting, like the original War Games. Sometimes Conrad will watch something with his co-hosts that they had never seen before. For example, he and Tony watched the "Boneyard Match" from this past Wrestlemania. My personal favorite has been the "Fires Back" series, where Conrad will play clips from Shoot Interviews for the hosts and gives them a chance to respond. They have done two episodes of "Eric Fires Back" where Bischoff responds to all the shit people have said about him over the years. They have also done "JR Fires back" and "Tony Fires Back." The JR episode was actually kind of sad because it featured a lot of people making fun of his facial paralysis. Eric usually goes deep into detail and gives a point-by-point rebuttal about why everybody is wrong about what they say about him, whereas Tony seems to give zero fucks and basically just insults the person back and cusses them out. Conrad has even done a bunch of "Ask Conrad Anything" episodes and his wife (Meghan Flair) and Eric's wife have done Q&A episodes too. Conrad has said that he also plans to move into some exclusive video content, and is hoping to do limited series podcasts with people like Kevin Von Erich, where they do a six part series on World Class, or something like that. I am a lower tier member. Apparently if you belong to the more expensive tiers, you get free T-Shirts, free tickets to their live events (If those ever start up again) the hosts will actually call you at home and they are planning on regular events at Conrad's house, believe it or not. They also do regular Zoom Chats with the higher tier members, but I don't know anything about those. I just wanted to hear Conrad's podcasts without all the ads, and I was interested in the bonus content. I'm not really interested in wearing a STW T-Shirt, chatting with JR on Zoom or getting free Starrcast tickets or stuff like that. Plus, those higher tiers are expensive. Anyhow... Conrad Thompson announced to Ad Free Shows subscribers yesterday that in the past couple of weeks he had been contacted by three WWE Hall of Famers with requests to do podcasts, and he claims he said yes to "more than one of them" so we should expect a couple of new shows to be added to the Conrad Thompson podcast schedule in the near future. Conrad admitted recently during one of his own Q&A's that he has been shot down three times in the past when trying to do a new podcast. Conrad really wants to do an ECW show and spoke with Joey Styles, who refused. He wanted to do a TNA focused show, and was close to making a deal with Jeff Jarrett but then Jarrett signed with WWE which killed that plan. Conrad also claims that he has had in depth discussions with Paul Heyman on more than one occasion, and that they have been very close to making a deal for a Paul Heyman podcast. Conrad says that he is optimistic that will still happen at some point in the future. He kind of implied that Heyman's employment with WWE was getting in the way...so maybe that is no longer an issue. I am curious as to which Hall of Fame talent are about to be added to Conrad's schedule. We know it won't be Ric Flair (been there, done that.) I think Mick Foley might be a good possibility. Anyhow, I guess we'll see.
  10. The Thread Killer

    The Arn Anderson podcast

    Yeah I was really excited about this podcast when it was first announced but it has ended up shitting the bed, for the most part. The first couple of episodes were okay, but the formula got real tired, real quick. As far as Conrad's podcasts go, I'd rank this one next to last, above Bruce but below Eric, JR and even Tony. The problem is twofold. The every other week Q&A format only really works if they get good questions, which they generally don't. The fans who listen to this show very rarely submit interesting questions about JCP or stuff like that. It's always the same old shit. Fantasy booking, and I swear if I never head another "who would be on your Mount Rushmore" question I will die a happy man. There are also a surprising number of questions about exciting behind-the-scenes issues like which hotels are best and where is the best place to get a steak or hamburger on the road. Riveting. The other problem is that Arn seems loathe to say anything bad about...pretty much anybody. That might make him a good person and a trustworthy employee, but it makes him a pretty shitty podcaster. You can tell (based on various times that the issue has come up) that Arn pretty much hates Vince McMahon. I've lost count of the number of times that Conrad has asked Arn a Vince related question and Arn has replied with a terse "no comment." Here's the problem with that...if you're literally getting paid to discuss WWE but you won't share your opinion of Vince McMahon, then what the hell good does that do? I swear, the only talent I can ever remember Arn burying is Enzo and Cass. Aside from that, he either loves everybody or is vague and non-committal. Not to mention the fact that he usually tries to use most questions as an excuse to pimp AEW. And as other people have pointed out, the alternating weeks that aren't Q&A shows seem to focus exclusively on WWE PPV's from Arn's time as an agent/producer. I didn't care about that shit then, I care even less about it now. I am a subscriber to Ad Free Shows, so I get all of Conrad's podcasts usually a week early, and with no ad reads. I do a ton of walking during the day, so I end up listening to most of them, but if I am short on time the Arn podcast is usually one of the podcasts I'll skip.
  11. The Thread Killer

    Grilling JR

    Yeah your first instinct was correct lol. As I said, they answered that very question very early in the episode, and go back to it repeatedly. ”Yes, that gimmick/angle/match was pretty bad, but Vince really liked his size and look, plus he was a nice guy and really good friends with Taker, so...” Repeat x 1000 This was one of those episodes where I kept waiting for it to get to an interesting part, but it never did. The frustrating part was that Brian Adams’ arrest in the early 90’s is only briefly touched on, and JR is unable to provide any insight about it all, not by choice but simply because he just doesn’t have any. One of my biggest pet peeves with the Conrad Thompson podcasts is when he covers a subject that he clearly isn’t all that well informed about, so they just kind of skim over those parts. A good example would be the episode they did about Dr. Death Steve Williams, and it is very clear that not only does Conrad know nothing about AJPW, but he never get anybody who did know about it to do any research for him or provide any questions. I’d be willing to bet based on that episode that Conrad has never seen one of Williams matches from Japan. As far as this episode, if I hadn’t been stuck in a waiting room for hours with nothing else to do, I probably would’ve given up on it. It was either that podcast, or read a 15 year old issue of People magazine. In retrospect, I may have made the wrong choice.
  12. The Thread Killer

    NWA Powerrr

    I'm probably the biggest Corgan era NWA mark I know, and even I can't honestly see myself paying to watch the NWA TV show, at least not the way it has been presented up to this point. I paid for the first two PPV's, but that was a different thing. I can't see paying for weekly TV. I generally loved Powerrr, but I wouldn't have paid to watch it. I question the logic behind this business decision. And PPV or no PPV, what are they planning to do about fans? Even if they go back to taping at the "NWA Arena" at GPB Studios, has Georgia allowed public gatherings again? I can't see this working as an empty arena type deal, and I thought Corgan was firmly opposed to running with no fans in attendance.
  13. The Thread Killer

    NWA Powerrr

    Yeah, I watched the weekly PPV's when TNA first started as well. Until Vince Russo put himself on TV, because it will be a cold day in hell before I pay for seeing Vince Russo. Or anything he's even remotely involved with, for that matter.
  14. The Thread Killer

    Grilling JR

    I'm a member of "Ad Free Shows" so I heard an advance episode of this week's show on Brian Adams. Quite honestly, it was a pretty unremarkable episode. I find JR's podcast pretty hit and miss, and the Brian Adams episode is a miss in my opinion. There really isn't enough compelling content there to justify an entire show about Crush. The main talking point seems to be that Adams was extremely popular backstage with everybody, as he sounded like a legitimately nice guy with the right friends with political pull (namely The Undertaker and Randy Savage.) That, combined with Adams size and look, afforded him a number of chances that other smaller, less connected guys would not have had. That talking point gets pretty much beat into the ground. So listen at your own risk.
  15. The Thread Killer

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    That’s weird, I haven’t had any trouble at all. Maybe the board is becoming self-aware, like Skynet...and is trying to keep Mauro Ranallo fans from accessing the forum.