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  1. The Thread Killer

    Conrad Thompson & Eric Bischoff's podcast

    83 Weeks and Cornette's Drive-Thru are pretty much the only podcasts I still listen to regularly, (although I am still working my way through The History of FMW.) Don't know if anybody around here caught the episode of 83 Weeks from a couple of weeks ago where they covered Eric's time in the AWA? I thought it was pretty good, and kind of interesting. Apparently, much to their surprise, that episode has turned out to be one of the most popular topics they've done so far. It seems to have caught them a bit off guard, since they didn't think many people cared about the AWA, and they assumed that most of the listeners would want to exclusively hear about WCW and the run of shows where WCW beat the WWF in the ratings. Then this past week, they covered Starrcade 96. It was a good show, but nothing too noteworthy - except they ended up touching on something which encapsulates why I have come to prefer this show and pretty much stopped listening to Something to Wrestle. Conrad starts by warning Eric he's going to be quoting Meltzer about the state of WCW's attendance, ratings and revenue in 1996 and basically says he knows Eric is going to complain about it. Eric argues with Conrad, and says he thinks Dave Meltzer does a good job of reporting on and covering the business aspects of WCW, and he trusts that information - he just doesn't like it when Meltzer reports stories when he is getting worked by his sources, or he editorializes. So Bischoff doesn't end up disagreeing with any of the stuff Conrad reads off from the Observer about WCW's business. Later, Conrad reads an item from the Observer about WCW being in talks with Tatanka (?!) about coming in. This time, Eric loses it and yells: "You see? NEVER HAPPENED." He claims that he had never even met or spoken with Tatanka until just recently, when they met at some convention. Whether it's true or not, Eric claims that the Tatanka story is total bullshit. Later still, while they are reviewing the actual PPV, Conrad reads Meltzer's review of the show - specifically his criticism of Roddy Piper's pre-match promo. Once again, Eric gets a bit touchy and claims that of course Piper's promo was rambling and nonsensical - because he's Roddy Piper. He even discusses how his and Dave Metlzer's opinions of what make a "good match" are different from his, since Meltzer focuses on the match quality and the moves, whereas as the promoter Bischoff was focusing on the "story" and business end. I don't always agree with Eric Bischoff, but these types of discussions are the reasons I still listen to this show. Bruce Prichard just dismisses every single thing Meltzer ever says and every story he reports, automatically out of hand. There isn't any discussion about why, there isn't any justification, it's just "Fuck Meltzer" over and over again. He refuses to give Meltzer any credit for anything and his repeated Meltzer bashing (along with what appears to be his own growing disinterest in his own show) has made Something to Wrestle almost unbearable at this point. At least Bischoff, gives Meltzer credit for accuracy in covering the business as a reporter, he just disputes his sources and his editorializing. At times he can resort to falling back on "Fuck Meltzer" too, but most times (if pressed) he is a lot more even handed and fair about it, and at least explains and justifies his reasons for having issues with Meltzer and the Observer. I don't think the enthusiasm factor can be overlooked, either. Every time I have tried picking up STW again lately, it sounds like Prichard is bored and just going through the motions. A few weeks back, Conrad and Eric did a show focusing on Eric's first year with WWE. Eric got so into the discussion and the details of the negotiation and his debut on Raw, that they had to split the episode in two. You might argue that Eric Bischoff just likes the sound of his own voice and there certainly is some truth to that...but I always laugh when Conrad asks him a question and then Eric takes 15 minutes to answer, going into detail and meandering off into side-topics. At least he is still enthusiastic about the show and the topics they cover. This show has been going for 10 months now, and in my opinion it has gotten better with time, unlike Prichard's show which has run out of steam. Although next week they are covering Starrcade 97, and Eric is already warning people that he and Conrad really get into it. I am betting it will be over the infamous Nick Patrick slow/fast count.
  2. I can't imagine getting too seriously angry with you. We've been posting on the same messageboards for a scary amount of time, you were back at Rantysylvania from the very start, weren't you? I at least remember you from WDI and that was what...15 years ago? Also, I just read my original response to you and the first thing I thought was...
  3. I have to admit I'm probably just being bitchy because I've been dealing with same damn flu for over a week and it won't go away. I have a wicked cough and recurring fever and it seems to be making me crabby. Well...crabbier than normal. Stuff I usually shrug off or ignore seems to be getting under my skin for some reason. I chewed out a clerk at Staples earlier today, which is not at all like me. (The kid totally deserved it, but I usually don't bother arguing in those types of situations.) No offense to anybody here if I was being abrasive. Especially the French!
  4. I can try that. How many words was your post?
  5. You would have to do that in order to make an all women's show work and be taken seriously. We all saw what happened when they gave the Cruiserweights their own show on the Network. It got treated as an afterthought. I don't know enough about the ratings breakdowns, but I think the men's and women's segments do pretty much the same ratings now, don't they? I don't see any good argument against giving the women their own show, provided it doesn't get treated the way 205 Live did/does.
  6. I am well aware of the fact that entertainment has always made political statements, I watched Star Trek and read Comic Books. Also, I'm not an idiot. But thanks for the history lesson, all the same. If you don't think the amount of political rhetoric from the entertainment industry and media in general has increased over the past few years, and if you don't think it's reasonable for somebody to want to have a place where they don't have to hear about politics all the damn time, then I don't know what to tell you. I agreed with the original poster "WrestlingFan." In my opinion, it would be nice to come to place called ProWrestlingOnly, and read the thread which is supposed to be discussing WWE TV for that week, without having to ALSO hear about what some dumbass politician in a country I don't live in thinks about climate change. I like KawadaSmile, but I don't really care about the political situation in Brazil. Hell, I don't care about the political situation in America either, for that matter. I'm Canadian, we have our own problems, which I also don't care all that much about. But maybe for fun, next week I'll start the WWE thread, and title it: "WWE TV 12/3 - 12/10: JUSTIN TRUDEAU IS STILL NEGOTIATING REVISED TRADE AGREEMENT WITH TRUMP."
  7. I'm starting to think there is nowhere you can go anymore to escape hearing about politics and people's opinions thereon. Can't go on Social Media, can't turn on the Television or watch a movie, and now you can't even go to PWO. Entertainment used to be escapism, but not so much anymore.
  8. Did anybody else listen to Jericho's interview with Ricky Steamboat from last week's show? It was recorded on that cruise that Jericho hosted a few weeks ago. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Nothing groundbreaking, but I had no idea that the reason Steamboat wasn't a fan of Dusty - or of how Dusty was booking him in JCP, at least - and that's why he left and went to the WWF. It was fun hearing Jericho gush about Steamboat and I always think it's nice when guys as big as Jericho don't mind admitting what big fans they were and who influenced them. I am curious to see if the live interview he did with Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler on the cruise will end up being broadcast on his show at a later date as well.
  9. The Thread Killer

    Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard

    Yeah, I agree with you. During the Regal episode when they previewed the SS98 show, Conrad was talking about what a great show it was and was praising the "storytelling." I almost fell off my couch. I can actually remember ordering Survivor Series 98, watching it and thinking the show was shit - especially the stupid "swerve" ending. When a show is so bad you can remember how much you hated it 20 years later, you know it sucked. This episode of STW is doubtless going to end up as the ultimate example of Prichard's tired old "We were telling a story!" line. I can live a long happy life without ever hearing that line again as an excuse for crappy matches. You and others who have mentioned this are right - STW seems to be permanently stuck in 1998 and are mining that year for every last pebble. It seems to me like they are running out of content.
  10. The Thread Killer

    What was the greatest raw of the attitude era?

    That was also the night Vince told Bret he could no longer afford his contract and telling him he was free to negotiate with WCW, setting the wheels in motion for the Montreal Screwjob and the birth of the Mr. McMahon character. Didn't happen on screen I know, but it was that night, backstage at MSG.
  11. The Thread Killer

    2018 Match of the Year

    I hope this thread gets a lot of input - especially from other PWO members whose opinions I respect - so I can cherry-pick what to check out from 2018. Otherwise I may end up missing out on seeing the good stuff that actually happened during the past calendar year, because I don't have the time, patience or resources to wade through a ton of crap just to find the decent stuff. The aforementioned NXT matches stood out to me, as long as you mute the sound so you don't have to listen to Mauro Ranallo. But sadly, I can't make any recommendations of my own. I saw one or two of the "big" WWE shows in 2018, and most of the NXT shows. I watched a bit of Impact. Aside from that, 99.9% of my wrestling viewing over the past year has been matches from the 90's, in either All Japan or FMW. Having said that, I can't imagine much beating that Almas/Gargano match.
  12. The Thread Killer

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Yes, that is what he says he was yelling. "Youth." As I recall, he claimed at the time he started doing it, he was young and was doing it as a way of making a rebellious statement. Here is an excerpt from a review of the Stan Hansen episode of "Back to the Territories" with Jim Cornette. The review was done for 411 by PWO's own Mike Campbell.
  13. The Thread Killer

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    That's right, Back to the Territories and if I'm not mistaken he also mentioned it when he did that episode of Legends with JBL.
  14. The Thread Killer


    I just hope we never see the narrative getting pushed anywhere that the reason Becky Lynch is so hot right now is because she's made some sort of improvement recently. She hasn't improved, she's pretty much been this good for ages now, they've just never gave her a damn chance until recently. They finally gave her the damn ball, and what do you know - she ran with it. I'd love to think this might make them take a second look at other people on the roster (men and women) who they've been sitting on, and help them decide to give other people a chance, but I doubt it. Hell, I keep waiting for them to yank the rug out from underneath poor Becky again...they've done it to her and so many others so many times in the past. You're not wrong about the quality of the card, but I can't look forward to this show. The card is a classic case of looks being deceiving. It's pretty much a foregone conclusion that AJ is getting fed to Lesnar - again. (You have to keep your part timer strong, after all.) I agree AoP/Bar should rule, but I have no confidence in WWE giving them the time they deserve. Raw this week amply illustrated how they view the Tag Division as an afterthought, when one guy took out the entire division for no real reason. Besides, you have to save lots of time on this show for the Shane vs. Steph angle that nobody gives a crap about. And I have no doubt Ali/Murphy gets shunted to the pre-show and pretty much ignored. In my humble opinion, the only match which has potential to steal the show is Becky and Ronda, but now rumor has it that might be scrapped. This company has burned me one too many times over the past few years for me to get interested in one of their Pay Per Views, regardless of how good the card looks on paper. I keep in mind the total shit-show that was the Main Event of Hell in the Cell. That's the kind of mess I expect from them now.
  15. The Thread Killer

    Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard

    I am a big William Regal fan, so I listened to this past week's episode. I found it pretty bland and unremarkable, really. Maybe because most of the information that was presented is already out there from the interviews Regal himself has done on the Austin and Jericho podcasts, I don't know. Maybe this show has fallen off or maybe it has settled into a tired routine, but it really didn't seem to have any spark to it, it was like Conrad and Bruce were both just going through the motions. I used to listen to this show because it made me laugh and I'd occasionally learn something I didn't know. Aside from the details about Regal passing out during his first meeting with Vince McMahon (!?) like I said, this didn't really cover any new ground, and I think I laughed twice in the three hour show. It''s kind of sad that at this point, Eric Bischoff is doing Prichard's show better than Prichard.