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  1. The Thread Killer

    WWE Saudimoney Bloodmania, Saudimania Bloodmoney

    I would be more than happy to engage in a detailed debate with anybody regarding Israel, except I know that would not be allowed here. I understand that politics are supposed to be kept out of this forum, so I strongly believe people should keep their stupid fucking snide comments to themselves.
  2. The Thread Killer

    WWE Saudimoney Bloodmania, Saudimania Bloodmoney

    Speaking as somebody who has Israeli family and friends who have served in the IDF, I am delighted to quite loudly and firmly invite you both to shut the fuck up.
  3. The Thread Killer

    All Elite Wrestling

    I could not agree with this statement more. Every time I see Malakai Black in AEW it leaves me totally flabbergasted that WWE had this guy locked up, right there…and these geniuses didn’t know what they had, or what to do with him. It’s not even like AEW had to reboot him or give him a different gimmick, Black is doing the exact same routine in AEW that he was doing in NXT, the only difference is that Tony Khan is not stupid and he’s letting the guy do what he is best at. Vince and his flunkies not only didn’t use Black properly out of NXT, the best idea they could come up with for him was to put him in a stupid Tag Team with Ricochet. Then they release him for no real reason, and are so stupid that they don’t even know how long his non-compete clause is. WWE really are a bunch of morons. I cannot see any justifiable excuse for that type of incompetence. They have a perfectly viable, original and fresh young talent under contract, and they basically hand him to the competition on a silver platter. And he is just one of several talents just like that. What we are seeing from Miro right now it’s just another example of WWE’s utter lack of creativity and foresight. He’s awesome. He was always awesome, but for whatever reason Grandpa Vinnie didn’t get him, so they squandered yet another can’t miss talent. Can’t miss…but somehow Vince keeps missing. I am hardly an AEW fanboy but every time they rescue somebody from WWE it makes me happy, both because we get to see a talent used properly and thrive…but also because it demonstrates how terrible the WWE creative team has botched their can’t miss talent and it exposes how much Vince has totally lost it and no longer has whatever skill he once had when it comes to spotting and promoting original new talent.
  4. The Thread Killer

    WWE TV 10/11 - 10/17 All Is Not Well in the House of Riddle

    I read the entirety of the interview, and honestly when you read everything Reigns said in context it really does not come across all that bad or inflammatory. The only thing he says which I could see upsetting some people, is he takes shots at Punk’s failure in the UFC. Based on the headline I was expecting the actual transcription of what he said to be much worse than it was. And the way a lot of people are reacting to what he said almost kind of confirms what he is saying to a degree. “I don’t see the real competition [with AEW] because I think their fan base legitimately is a hardcore fan base. So there’s like a ceiling and a built-in ground to that viewership…I think because they are the new kids on the block, they’re the cool kids in town I guess because of how premature and how novel it kind of still is, I think there still being babied by these hardcore wrestling fans. Which is fine. That’s great. I don’t think anybody’s going to ever, especially from a performance standpoint say, ‘Oh no, there’s more opportunities out there? That sucks.’ So it’s not a bad thing. It’s a great thing for professional wrestling. It’s just a weird argument because there’s so much bias and there’s so much, ‘I’m on this side and I’m not gonna open my mind to the other side.’ And it goes both ways. As far as competition, not to me. There might be some other people on our roster who maybe think they need to dig deep and get better as a performer and what they do out there at the art form, but there’s nobody in the whole world, any other promotion, in WWE…I’m better at this art form than everybody else. And I stand on that. That’s the totality of it. I’m not just talking about, ‘Oh, his spots are so good and he counters real well.’ That stuff don’t mean anything to me. When you tally it all up, nobody touches me in this business.” On CM Punk and if he’d ever want a match with him: “So I answered a question similar to this a while ago, and it falls back to what our audience wants to see. If our audience wanted to see it and they were clamoring for it, couldn’t shut up about it, and all the stars aligned, as a businessman and as a performer who was trying to seek out the very best for the audience and try to captivate, I wouldn’t say no. But I mean, on a personal level, it doesn’t do anything for me. That’s not going to elevate me at all. He’s older now. I haven’t really seen a full match. I’ve seen a clip or two. And to me, a step or two has been lost. Then also he got his whooped in the UFC. I don’t think anybody really believes someone 200 pounds soaking wet with no explosive bone in their body could ever really do anything to me. I’m 6’3”, 265 pounds, a legitimate athlete who can throw some weight around and has been on the gridiron at the highest level. D1. All ACC. I probably would’ve maintained in the NFL if my health issues didn’t happen when I was 22 years old. So, I mean, when it comes down to it, I’ll throw him and pretty much the rest of that roster out the club no problem. They’re just little brothers, you know?”
  5. The Thread Killer

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    I have been watching AEW for the past few months. I even paid for the last pay-per-view. They are doing a lot of stuff right at this point. Full credit to them, I would say at this point they are doing a lot more right than they are wrong. But I still don’t like listening to Kenny try and talk, and I especially don’t like watching The Hardly Boys and their tumbling routine.
  6. The Thread Killer

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    I know exactly what you mean. That is how I feel every time I watch a Kenny Omega promo or a Young Bucks match.
  7. The Thread Killer

    AEW Dynamite - October 6, 2021

    The end of that Shida/Deeb match was frickin great.
  8. The Thread Killer

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    If you guys want to learn more about any of this FMW history or even see highlights and clips of the angles and matches, I cannot recommend @BAHU‘s History of FMW Podcast enough. Bret covers all of that stuff, the burn, the sale of FMW and everything else. He might be able to tell you guys which episodes cover the specific areas you were asking about, but if you have time I recommend the YouTube version and see them all. When I first watched this episode of Darkside of the Ring I was actually pissed off that they did not interview Bret for the show considering he is pretty much the authority on all things FMW. Once I saw on Twitter that he was a creative consultant for the episode I was mollified somewhat, but the point is, if you have any curiosity about FMW you owe it to yourself to check out his podcast. It tells you everything you could ever possibly want to know about FMW.
  9. The Thread Killer

    AEW Dark Megathread

    I concur. I always enjoy a @Matt D review, and I really enjoyed these.
  10. The Thread Killer

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    Well, it could in theory, if you spun it long enough and hard enough. Unfortunately, we just don’t have enough raw scientific data to draw any serious conclusions as to how much power could be derived from a helicopter penis turbine at this point. Scientists need to get on that.
  11. The Thread Killer

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Either that or when Triple H returns to work, he finds out that they moved his desk into the basement of Titan Towers and then Prichard comes by and tells him as long as he’s down there, he should take a can of spray and kill some roaches. Then on his way out, Bruce turns out the lights. ”Uh...that’s really not my job uh...and I have still not received my paycheque uh...hello?”
  12. The Thread Killer

    AEW Dynamite - Sept 15 2021

    Holy crap, Sting is 61 with serious neck issues and he took a spike piledriver. Also, they’re going to job FTR out to Darby and Sting, aren’t they.
  13. The Thread Killer

    AEW Dynamite - Sept 15 2021

    I am all for Punk feuding with Team Taz but I wish it was Ricky Starks not Hobbs.
  14. The Thread Killer

    AEW Dynamite - Sept 15 2021

    It was not directed at you.
  15. The Thread Killer

    AEW Dynamite - Sept 15 2021

    I love how we have come to the point in society now...especially online...that if somebody merely accuses you of something, and they sue you the assumption is that you were automatically guilty. It doesn’t matter that the suit got thrown out, the fact that it was filed seems to be enough for some people to condemn her without any tangible proof. Somebody said she is a transphobic, therefore...she must be.