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  1. The Thread Killer

    AEW Dynamite 25th March 2020

    I was excited at the prospect of watching Dynamite. Then I saw that the first match featured Jimmy Havoc, with Kenny Omega on commentary. At that point, I became much less excited. And for the record...Kenny Omega may very well be the blandest, least interesting person in all of Professional Wrestling when he has a microphone in front of his face.
  2. The Thread Killer

    WrestleMania 36

    Why did you skip WM9? That was the one in Vegas, right? I hear you, though. I was a 15 year old fan at the time of the first Wrestlemania, but had no way to watch it...I had to wait until it came out on video and rent it, although as I remember they did a great job of getting it into Video Stores quickly. I saw 2, 3, 4 and 5 on closed circuit and then since then I've seen every other one on PPV. Even at times my fandom had waned to the point of not watching WWF TV anymore, I still always watched Wrestlemania, for sentimental reasons if nothing else. I sometimes regretted it but I always made sure to catch Wrestlemania, no matter the circumstances. But this year, I dunno. I don't like the empty area stuff at all. I don't blame them for doing it, because they have no choice...but I am not at all excited about it. Then again, I'll probably be stuck in the house and will end up watching it out of boredom and a lack of anything better to do. If nothing else, the watch along threads here at PWO are sometimes as entertaining as the shows themselves.
  3. The Thread Killer

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    I don't think that's in character, I think he's just a moron. I've also seen people on Twitter bitching about "willingly giving up their rights." I don't even know how you could argue with somebody that stupid. It's like trying to argue with one of those idiots who think the world is flat, or a 9-11 "truther" or that you shouldn't vaccinate your kids. If somebody is actually that dumb, you can't even use logic to convince them otherwise.
  4. The Thread Killer

    WWE Network... It's Here

    I saw it live. There really wasn't any such thing as "Pay Per View" at the time, and if there was very few people had it. You have to remember, a lot of people didn't even have cable at that time. The majority of people saw the show on "Closed Circuit Television" where you bought tickets to go to a local arena, and they broadcast the show on huge screens with crappy audio. At the time, I didn't mind Wrestlemania 2 all that much. I got kind of caught up in the spectacle and the experience. You have to consider that WWF shows really weren't all that great at that time when it came to the quality of the matches, either. At the time, I remember enjoying the Battle Royal and the Bulldogs match, and not minding the Hogan/Bundy match. But you're not wrong, it does not hold up well at all.
  5. The Thread Killer

    AEW Dynamite March 11 2020

    I marked out for that segment I freely admit that. :)
  6. The Thread Killer

    AEW Dynamite March 11 2020

    Poor JR. He just couldn’t stop himself from saying “medical facility.”
  7. The Thread Killer

    AEW Dynamite March 11 2020

    I love Jake Roberts but I don’t understand his new haircut. Why is only one side of it grey and shaved? On the plus side I’m really glad they didn’t drag this out for weeks before we found out who Jake’s new protégé was.
  8. The Thread Killer

    Catch-All Scummy Wrestling Behavior thread

    That explains why there are always Pro Wrestling references on Billions. (Which is an awesome show.)
  9. The Thread Killer

    AEW Dynamite March 11 2020

    I'm all for Matt Hardy coming in to AEW and going hog wild with his whole "Broken" gimmick. I just don't want to see him getting stuck working with The Dark Order, because they suck.
  10. The Thread Killer

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    He frequently accuses Kenny Omega of having a Japanese schoolgirl fetish, too. (Which hey...where's there's smoke...) You're right though. I used to think that Kenny took too much shit for his mannerisms being effeminate and that some of the criticisms levied at him were borderline homophobic. Then I found out that he starred in an art film entitled: "Sissy Boy Slap Party." And I saw a couple of minutes of it on YouTube. I don't think he is gay, and even if he was I wouldn't care, nor would I support anybody criticizing his lifestyle choices. But after Sissy Boy Slap Party, I can see where the people that are taking shots at him for that are getting their ammunition.
  11. The Thread Killer

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Or you know...revolutionary idea here...people could watch and enjoy BOTH. Radical thought, I know. But it's actually possible, because I do it pretty much every week. I don't even hate Omega, I just think he's wildly overrated. There are fans around who claim that Omega is the best Pro Wrestler in the world right now, and I don't see the evidence of that. Especially since Dynamite debuted. I think he's a talented Pro Wrestler who is capable of being involved in very good and even great matches. His recent Iron Man match with PAC and the Tag Team match at Revolution are both clearly proof of that fact. But I think his promos are shitty, his facials and mannerisms in the ring are comical, and his selling is inconsistent and unconvincing a lot of the time. Kenny Omega is very good, but there are plenty of guys around who are just as good as he is, and better in quite a few cases. Let me have that opinion...without the judgment. I don't know what information you've been getting, but Cornette criticizes WWE and NXT almost as much as he does AEW. There seems to be a misconception that Cornette blindly hates AEW and shits all over everything they do, so he must therefore prefer NXT and WWE. He's even had some wacked out AEW fans on Twitter accuse him of secretly working for WWE, which is laughable. On his podcast he and Brian Last reviewed both Dynamite and NXT every week for a few months, and he gave Dynamite a better review than NXT about half the time. Hell, he reviewed Raw for the past three weeks and he absolutely eviscerated it. He even shit on Seth Rollins, who used to be one of his favorites. (Which I was glad to see, because for my money Seth Rollins and Kenny Omega are cut from very similar cloth.) As recently as this past week, he said that he thought Dynamite was a very good show, the best they've done so far. (Which I totally don't get, but whatever.) He's even gone so far as to say that at least AEW is interesting when WWE is just boring overly scripted garbage. Cornette doesn't hate all "modern" Pro Wrestling, he gushes about Darby Allin all the time and they don't get much more current and modern than him. He always praises The Jurassic Express, he just hates Marko Stunt. Hell, he even gave the Tag Team Title match at Revolution a positive review, even though Omega and The Young Bucks were involved.
  12. The Thread Killer

    AEW Dynamite March 11 2020

    Good. They've been dragging this crap on for way too long. It would be one thing if this angle was advancing something good, but it's the Dark Order...so come on, already. Having said that, I'd mark out if The Exalted One turns out to be Kevin Sullivan. Or even Jim Mitchell, who recently left Impact.
  13. The Thread Killer

    Blood & Guts

    That's the problem right there. I generally enjoy watching Pro Wrestling with friends rather than on my own. Problem is, I only have three friends who watch Pro Wrestling. One is an even bigger fan than I am and will watch pretty much anything, so if we can get together we will split costs for PPV's. The other two were devoted fans up until around the end of the Monday Night Wars. Once Vince pretty much became the main game in town and WWE went downhill creatively, they both stopped watching. I got them both into early Ring of Honor and 90's AJPW compilations, but neither will touch the modern product. I recently got them to watch an NXT Takeover with me, but anything modern is always a tough sell with those guys.If left to their own devices, neither guy will watch anything. I wish I did know more people who lived within reasonable distance of me that watched Pro Wrestling.
  14. The Thread Killer

    NWA Powerrr

    Based on their general skill level, I'm not terribly surprised neither had shown up on your radar yet.
  15. The Thread Killer

    NWA Powerrr

    I wouldn't actually hate Tim Storm vs. George South, but like I said...they really need to lay off all the old guys, in my opinion. George South's "I'd punch your Mother in the face" line did legit crack me up. @rovert you know quite a bit about Women's Wrestling and follow the scene pretty closely, had you ever heard about or seen either Freya or Dani Jordyn and what did you think of them potential wise? Was my assessment too harsh?