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  1. The Thread Killer

    All Elite Wrestling

    This. I've heard Tony Schiavone say in multiple interviews and podcasts that calling baseball is his main passion and #1 priority. I think he really likes Pro Wrestling, but he loves Baseball. I can't see him taking a gig that wouldn't allow him his summers off to work for the Braves Triple A team. Having said that - to quote Ted DiBiase, everybody has a price. I'm sure if Vince backed up the old Brinks truck, Tony would listen. However, if Bruce Prichard is to be believed (and that is a big if) Vince didn't even like Schaivone, Tony only got the job because Linda hired him and Vince was glad to see him go. Apparently, he was too "southern." So I can't see Vince paying Tony enough to get him to quit doing baseball when Vince didn't even like him to begin with. Then again, this is 2019. If you'd have told me a year ago that Bruce Prichard, Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff would all be working behind the scenes again in WWE, I would have laughed in your face. So anything is possible, I suppose. I can see Schaivone doing some sort of gig on the WWE Network that doesn't take up too much time. I've heard him say he'd love that kind of job. Moreover, if hiring Tony Schiavone meant we might get Michael Cole or Mauro Ranallo away from the microphone, then in the name of all that is good and decent, pay that man whatever he asks for.
  2. The Thread Killer

    WWE Hidden Gems

    I would love to see some of those infamous Cactus Jack vs. Eddie Gilbert matches in decent quality. I don't know if their match from the 09/15/90 show ("Autumn Armageddon") ever made tape but if it did, I haven't seen it. I know their Falls Count Anywhere match from 03/02/91 ("Winter Challenge II") is available online, but the VQ is pretty bad. Their Barbed Wire match from 05/18/91 ("Spring Spectacular II") is also available online, but the VQ is really bad.Then there is the infamous three fall match from 03/08/91 ("Summer Sizzler II") where the first match was Falls Count Anywhere, the second was a Stretcher Match and the third was a Cage match. I have seen really bad VQ versions of all three matches. The versions of those matches that are posted online all have John Arezzi doing commentary. I'd love it if somebody had the raw footage or at least something of better quality.
  3. The Thread Killer

    ECW on the Network

    Yeah they showed up when I accessed the Network on my PC today. They weren't there when I looked Monday, but they are now.
  4. The Thread Killer

    ECW on the Network

    All those ECW Supershows from 1994 they promised were added to the Network on Monday morning, they just haven't been added to the Hidden Gems or ECW PPV menus. You have to search for the specific event by name, and then it will show up. I am hoping they get added to the menu later on, but they have been pretty lax in added stuff to the Hidden Gems menu for a while now. If you don't know what match or specific event you are looking for, it is really hard to find.
  5. The Thread Killer

    WWE Network... It's Here

    Sweet, they've released the list and The Night The Line Was Crossed and When World's Collide are both on it! Courtesy WWENetworkNews: Is Hostile City Showdown 94 the show where Foley faces Sabu for the first time and spits on the WCW Tag Title, or is that a different show?
  6. The Thread Killer

    WWE Network... It's Here

    That's some good news. It's always bugged me that you can see the complete run of Hardcore TV and ECW on TNN, plus the PPV's on the Nework, but the only place you can see the Supershows like "The Night The Line Was Crossed" is to get them from RF Video - which I would never do. If WWE starts adding the classic ECW Supershows I wonder if they'll make RF video stop selling them? One show I'd love to see that I never have, is the ECW version of "When World's Collide" from 05/14/94 (not to be confused with the AAA PPV from the same year with the same name) that featured Sabu and Bobby Eaton vs. Terry Funk and Arn Anderson. Sign me up for that sumbitch, please.
  7. The Thread Killer

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    WWE should embrace their role, double down and have the show they're running in opposition be sponsored by the NRA.
  8. The Thread Killer

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    I know this is a few weeks late, but on this week's episode of The Jim Cornette Experience, Cornette finally goes into specific behind the scenes detail about Sami Callihan getting fired from MLW after the "Loser Leaves Town" match. If you listen to the show and don't want to hear all of the other stuff, you can always click here. Cornette starts talking about this issue at around 54:00 minutes into this week's episode. Cornette confesses that he actually had met with Callihan after the incident with Eddie Edwards in Impact, and that they had agreed to perpetuate their Twitter rivalry as a "work." Cornette claims he even gave Callihan his home phone number. According to Cornette, the night of this Loser Leaves Town match in MLW, he actually thought the whole deal with Callihan spitting on him was part of the work. He even went up to Callihan after the match and congratulated him. What he didn't know was that Callihan was about to get fired for going off script during his match with Warner. Cornette claims the match was edited for TV, and we never got to see the damage Callihan did to the venue, which is what actually cost him his job. Also, Callihan himself was supposedly the agent for this match, but he never alerted the truck that he was planning on going into the bleachers, so the cameras couldn't film some of it, and security wasn't warned ahead of time to be there to protect the wrestlers from the fans, or vice versa. Of course, there's always the possibility that Cornette is lying about his side of the story, but the whole thing is pretty hilarious either way.
  9. Time will tell. They may not make WWE TV any better, but I can't see Bischoff or especially Heyman contributing to a product that is any worse than what is being put out there right now. How much worse can it get?
  10. Even though the accepted theory is that the new producers won't be fully in place until after Extreme Rules, I am not expecting to notice significant changes on either show right away anyhow. If it is even possible, it's going to take time to turn things around, especially considering the mess both guys are walking into. If you inherit a show where one (or more than one) of your main angles involves Shane McMahon, or you get saddled with Baron Fucking Corbin as your top heel, I don't care how good a writer you are - your show is still going to suck. I wouldn't expect to see any noticeable differences until Heyman and Bischoff both are in place for at least a month - and that's even assuming that Vince actually lets them implement any of the changes they want to make, which knowing him, he probably won't. I think SummerSlam will probably be a good indicator of how different things are or aren't going to be with the two new Executive Producers in place.
  11. The Thread Killer

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    I have to be honest, I don't get @El-P's hate of this past week's episode of Fusion. It wasn't exactly "must see" TV or anything, but it was what I would have expected for what it was supposed to accomplish. This episode was pretty much designed to do two things: reintroduce Austin Aries and hype up Kings of Colosseum. It accomplished both of those goals, in my opinion. I do agree with El-P and @Migs wholeheartedly, there were some issues with the way Austin Aries was added back into the mix, but not all of those can be blamed on MLW. I agree that Aries just didn't look good, physically. He has lost a noticeable amount of weight since the last time I saw him, including muscle mass. He's never been huge to begin with, but on this show he looked a bit puny. I assume during his time off he wasn't doing a ton of weight training - not to say he looked out of shape, don't get me wrong. Secondly, his overall physical presentation was awful. I'm sorry, but he needs to have a serious word with whoever gave him that haircut. Having his head totally shaved on the sides combined with an epic beard is just a weird look for anybody, especially him. Add that to his new thinner look and the basic, plain full length black tights and he did not look like the Austin Aries I remember from a purely aesthetic point of view. He didn't look like a star. If you compare how he looked on this show to how he looked in WWE or even Impact, it's a significant change. On this show, he looked like enhancement talent, honestly. As far as the match goes. I don't know who Adam Brooks is, but all I know is that Austin Aries gave this kid WAY too much in their match. That match had no business going that long (12 minutes) and I can't believe some of the offense that Aries unloaded on this kid, only to have Brooks fight it off. That Death Valley Driver on the ring apron was insane, and a spot like that should be reserved for a PPV match against a name opponent, not a TV match. And then on top of that, Brooks fights his way out of a submission hold which Aries has clamped on. If Aries wanted somebody to be really competitive against him during his first match back so he could show everything he could do, then they should have put him in there against an established name, not some new kid nobody has ever heard of making his debut. That just made it look like Aries had way too much trouble putting a kid away. As for the post-match, like I said previously, I don't think Jim Cornette had anything to do with that post-match promo. I think that was all Aries. I am somewhat intrigued by the potential Aries/Teddy Hart match they seem to be heading towards. I thought the Fatu squash was great. It made him look like a total monster, which he needed going into the next show. Jacob Fatu is so damn good. That moonsault was crazy. As far as the Main Event goes, it also made sense leading into Kings of Colosseum. There's no way they were going to have their champion lose, and they also want to keep Samael and Contra Unit strong, so having a brawl that gets out of control made sense to me. It was what it was - a TV Main Event leading into a big show. Then again, I really like Josef Samael so maybe I am more inclined to enjoy stuff he is involved in. This is a guy who has patterned himself after the original Sheik, and it shows. My only major criticism of this episode (aside from Aries giving Adam Brooks too much offense) is that they are overdoing it with the constant inserting of the Contra Unit clips throughout the episode. It's making it look like an nWo ripoff, or something. I like the Contra Unit as a stable, but they probably don't need to have their logo flashing across the screen every five minutes, it's overkill to me.
  12. The Thread Killer

    MLW Fusion, anyone watching it?

    Dude, I think you're way off on this one for two reasons. Firstly, Cornette is just a Color Commentator and Part Time producer. I don't think he has anything to do with creative in MLW. He can't really, because he doesn't even work for them Full Time. And even if he did, the second reason I think Cornette had nothing to do with this is that Cornette and Austin Aries hate each other. It's well documented that Austin Aries and Jim Cornette have big time heat from Cornette's time in ROH when he actually did have input into creative. I really can't see Jim Cornette going to Austin Aries and telling him what to say, and Aries happily agreeing to say it. I believe that promo may actually have represented Austin Aries' actually feelings on the current state of the Pro Wrestling industry.
  13. I do agree that his work during the UK tournament was excellent. To be honest, prior to that I'd never thought he was even capable of that. I didn't think he had the skill. Which in a way, almost makes his usual performances more maddening - he could be great, he just usually isn't. I guess my big complaint is that Cole seems to embrace Vince McMahon's version of what makes a good play-by-play man with a bit too much gusto.
  14. I agree that even if he did agree to be split off from The New Day, WWE "creative" would probably screw it up because hey...they pretty much screw everything up lately. I just don't get a guy with all the physical gifts that Big E has limiting himself like that. But it could very well be that he thinks he's better off being comfortable in the New Day than having creative botch a potential singles run and hurt his potential long term viability.