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[2010-08-13-CMLL] Jushin Liger vs La Sombra


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Damn good match, heel Liger is always fun to watch and La Sombra was awesome as the young flying babyface, the school boy suplex is a great looking moving and I liked what they did with it in the first and third fall. Liger being bested at every turn near the end and having to cheat to get the W was a great heel move that went accordingly with the story they were telling. Can't say this was special or anything but I can't find much to complain about either, a very good encounter that's worth a watch.



Kinda off topic but good lord Lucha commentary is horrible, I've made my dislike for it be known in the past before, even made a thread about, but after more than a year without watching any lucha, this brought back some memories of me trying to watch as much as possible for the GWE project and just wanting to punch something at how distracting it is. Morales is the only one worth a damn and he gets to speak like 3 times the whole match, the crew trying to make a thing about Baby Richard counting slow in the third fall when the dude was counting at the same pace the whole match - and in the final fall too - was really weird,

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