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[1991-09-28-PWFG] Minoru Suzuki vs Wayne Shamrock


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Whereas Shamrock's match with Funaki from the month prior was hampered by dull matwork, this had a little more excitement on the ground thanks to Suzuki's speed. His quick counterwork and reversals made for much more compelling submission wrestling. You got the sense that they really had to fight for everything here. They each, more or less, went after each others' legs with Suzuki getting the upper hand on Shamrock. When Shamrock starts clobbering on Suzuki, Suzuki gets him in the rear waistlock, and in order to hit the German suplex, he has to deliver this awesome little combo of strikes to break Shamrock's defense. The finish was awesome, with Suzuki struggling to break out of the rear waistlock by grabbing the arm, and just when you think he's got it, Shamrock puts him in the full nelson and dragon suplexes him for the KO. The fact that Shamrock was using dragon suplexes to knockout his opponents in 1991 is incredible. Really cool match.

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