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[2000-12-09-MPPW-TV] Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee & The Kat vs Slash & Steve Bradley & Victoria


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Dave and Corey are rather excited to see what Brandon Baxter’s face looks like after Dr Salmons has finished working on him. The heels make their entrance with Slash hiding Baxter under his jacket, only for there to be no big reveal as he’s wearing a mask. Brandon says that there is no way that this mask is coming off today (angle alert!), he’s going to stand in the corner and the mask is staying where it’s at, on his head! Bill Dundee still throws a mean looking punch. He clotheslines Slash over the top rope to the outside, a hip toss on Bradley and he tags in Victoria which means ‘the Superstar’ must tag out to the Kat. Victoria has got the Chyna footwear on to make her look taller than she is. The two women exchange bodyslams and that’s the extent of their efforts before they let the men have another go. Some half-baked nothing action and Victoria is back in with a double axe handle from behind on ‘the King’. Victoria gets a two count on the Kat after a leg drop, but then lands on her face from a second rope moonsault. The match breaks down with everyone in the ring, and Bradley accidentally clotheslines Victoria when Lawler ducks under the shot. As he checks on her, ‘the King’ rolls him up for the three. Lawler grabs hold of Baxter and is about to pull off the mask, but we’re out of time for today!


Poor match with all four men going through the motions and not really looking that interested. The Kat has never resembled a wrestler and her exchanges with Victoria (who is super green at this point) would have JR bringing out his bowling shoe reference. The one thing going for Victoria is that she at least looks to have a bit of athleticism about her, what with attempting that moonsault, even if she did land on her face!

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Baxter has a mask on to conceal his face. Lawler’s gear is still hideous. Quick match with the faces dominating. Even Kat gets over on Victoria which seems unwise from a booking standpoint. Lawler gets the win and goes for the mask of Baxter as the show goes off the air. ½*

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