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[2018-02-12-WWE-Raw] Bayley vs Sasha Banks


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Loved this. Sasha's character work in her matches in the past few weeks has been super enjoyable to watch & it was exactly that here, as well. She was very heelish w/ her cockiness & general attitude towards Bayley. Loved her going after her taped up shoulder too, that added some very nice psychology to the match & I loved Sasha's facial expressions during the attack towards it. Bayley's selling was very good. The crowd response was amazing as well w/ them actually booing Sasha at times, responding to the story they were telling w/ her character! Very good stuff. ***3/4

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It's kind of weird watching two wrestlers I've seen have two of the best matches in WWE history having a match that I'm certain is not going to be nearly at that level, but once I recalibrated, yeah, this is totally really good, just as both of their batches against Asuka in the past few weeks have been. These two against each other do more little stompy, limb-pully things that I like than most other WWE wrestlers. I loved the sequence after the early Banks Statement attempt at the beginning, that's what really got me into the match. Bailey's clothesline reversal out of the corner was also quite good. I'm glad they let them have a finish before the Nia wreckage, and It'd be great if they let them have an actual feud again at some point and not just bury them in the background as they build Asuka/Alexa. ****

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