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[2000-12-09-MPPW-TV] Bulldog Raines vs Tracy Smothers


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The new TV champion, Bulldog Raines, is out at the top of the show and he’s a big favourite with the studio fans. He says that this might sound a bit corny, but it’s time to stop the macho stuff, all the attitude and just be Scott Raines for a few minutes. For the past three years he’s been making the long drive from Georgia, he’s had some ups, some downs, but it’s all starting to finally pay off. Six months ago he almost quit wrestling because of an accident in the ring where he hurt Rick Havoc and it made him feel real bad. All the people got behind him though, let him know that accidents happen and it’s okay. Last week he won some gold and has watched how Spellbinder has been a fighting champion and wants to be just like him. He understands that Tracey Smothers wants some of this belt, so tells him to come and try and get it!


Jason Sensation is back again and he’s accompanying Tracey Smothers out before taking up a position at the announcer’s desk. As Tracey is facing a ‘bulldog’ that’s a key for him to do his Davey Boy Smith impression, but bloody hell it’s terrible! After Raines drops Smothers with a shoulder tackle Sensation heads to ringside. Scoop powerslam by Bulldog and he’s up on the apron. The ref just gives him a shove though and he tumbles backwards to the concrete. He interferes a second time, hooking Bulldog’s ankle as he runs the ropes, and here comes Lance Cade to run him off. Sensation has got some comical facial expressions (and not in a good way) during this chase. Lance eventually snatches him and Tracey is leaning through the ropes to try and help out. Right hand to Smothers, Bulldog with his take on the ‘Blue Thunder Driver’ and he retains the TV title. Cade is double teamed by Tracey and Jason after the match, although Bulldog has disappeared out of sight and not stuck around.


Heartfelt, genuine interview from Bulldog at the start, but the match itself was forgettable.

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Bulldog says its time to drop the attitude and he is going to be Scott Raines for a minute. He almost quit six months ago but he kept going and now is the tv champ. Who let the dogs out is Bulldog’s catchphrase. Quickie match with Jason Sensation being annoying on commentary. Cade comes out to counteract Sensation and Raines is able to pin Tracy off of a wheelbarrel powerbomb. *

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