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[2000-12-09-MPPW-TV] Derrick King vs Shooter Schultz


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Derrick King is defying doctor’s orders to wrestle, limping to the ring with his leg all taped up, as Dave Brown says how he’s got no business getting in there after what happened earlier, especially as the guys who did that to him are still in the building. Dropdown and a leap frog by King, but on landing he immediately grabs at his hurt leg which Schultz then sweeps out from under him. Shooter with an array of kicks and stomps as he focusses all his attention on that leg. He uses the ropes to his advantage, contorting the leg around them and even shoulder tackles the knee, flipping DK over in the process. Kneebreaker followed by a spinning toe hold. As he goes for it a second time, King kicks Schultz off and he goes flying into the turnbuckles. King fires back with some great looking jabs and an enziguri for a two. Bodyslam attempt, but that leg gives way and Shooter with a belly to belly suplex, although DK is able to get a foot over the bottom rope. As Shooter complains to the referee about the count King rolls him up from behind. Schultz kicks out, but in doing so sends DK crashing into the official. Superkick by King and he gets the visual three, counting it himself as the referee is still down. Spanky runs out and nails DK with a chair to the back of the knee. Boston crab by Schultz and the ref comes around and calls the match as King passes out from the pain. At Spanky’s encouragement Shooter puts him back in the crab post match when, to everyone’s surprise, Rob Harlem is out for the save and runs the Kliq off. Harlem is marching to his own beat though, for as soon as he sees off the Kliq he gives King a facebuster of his own.


Solid match as things continue to build towards a Spanky/Derrick King title match. Although we didn’t see it, the attack on DK was by the Kliq, presumably as after he got the pin on Spanky last week he’s seen as a legitimate threat and they’re doing all they can to try and take him out of the picture. Although he lost, King showed plenty of guts in doing so, coming out for the match, not submitting and only really losing because of Spanky’s involvement. He also did a very nice sell job on that knee and the submission finish was also smartly done, with DK almost reaching the ropes before Schultz pulls him back to the middle and he subsequently passes out. Not sure what was going on with Rob Harlem here?

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Derrick has a bad wheel but guts it out. King sells the leg throughout the match and gets the studio crowd behind him. Spanky comes in and rams a chair into the leg of King to add insult to injury. Shooter then locks on a Boston Crab and wins the match. King created a lot of sympathy and Shooter and Spanky were annoying so overall this segment was a success. *1/2

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