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[2017-10-14-NOAH] Katsuhiko Nakajima vs KENOU

Superstar Sleeze

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Katsuhiko Nakajima vs KENOU - NOAH 10/14/17


I love this type of pro wrestling. Just ultra-stiff, beat the shit out of each other wrestling. If I am going to watch mindless pro wrestling I would much rather watch this than a bunch of flips or overdramatic selling. This is apart of the Global League, I think, NOAH's version of the Champions Carnival. KENOU is an M-Pro wrestler that I have seen face Fujita Jr Hayato. I always thought he was good not great. Nakajima is one of my absolute favorites and had the chance to see him in 2009 in person for ROH against Kenny Omega of all people. KENOU would go on to win the GHC Championship in December from Eddie Edwards and is the reigning champion as of this writing. Nakajima was the person Edwards had beaten.


Very KENTA-style juniors match but with even more emphasis on strikes. These two absolute blow away KO/Zayn lame paddycake specials that they always start their matches off with by absolutely trying to knock each other's heads off with forearms. The kicks in this match were breath-taking both literally and figuratively. I could watch Nakajima kick all day. You watch this and New Japan needs to stop with the strike exchange in every match. Tanahashi, Naito and Okada just cant do that well. These two show you how you do a strike exchange. They were just blitzing each other with kicks. I wish they wouldn't do headbutts since what happened to Shibata. I loved the suplexes on the outside. There was some leg psychology in there, but lets be honest this was all about trying to cave one and another's chest in. I think Nakajima clearly has more charisma of the two and is more interesting to watch, but he needs a rival and needed a break from being the champion. So I think KENOU makes sense to build up. Fujita Jr Hayato has not wrestled since April of 2017, but he should be brought in. I thought the struggles over suplexes was good. I thought the match had plenty of struggle and urgency. It was just the lack of transitions and overall narrative that hurts it. This was a balls to the wall 25 minute sprint that never lets up. No lame Oscar-bait selling to take up time. Just kicking ass. The struggle over the suplexes shows that if these guys could hit suplexes it could be over. At the end when Nakajima hits that roundhouse kick to KENOU's head I thought it was over. BRAINBUSTER! Time limit draw. One of the best draws ever because they never telegraph it they just go all out. Instead of a spotfest, I would call this a stiffest, very BattlArts in that way and very enjoyable to watch. ****1/4

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