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[2017-01-15-WWE-UK Championship Tournament] Pete Dunne vs Sam Gradwell

Superstar Sleeze

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Pete Dunne vs Sam Gradwell - WWE UK Tournament 1/15/17


Holy shit! This was awesome! How has no one talked about this? Pete Dunne is a little shit that calls himself a Brusierweight. Sam Gradwell is a hometown boy from Blackpool. This is the Quarters. Dunne attacked and injured Gradwell the previous night of the tournament.


EXCELLENT BABYFACE SHINE! In 2017, not only did we get a babyface shine, we got a great one. BUMPING HEELS STILL EXIST! Gradwell is pissed and is taking no shit. I love not only the fire and intensity of Gradwell, but I love how Dunne is still fight back and GRADWELL IS FIGHTING THROUGH DUNNE! Gradwell great suicide dive. Dunne suplexed him on the ramp last night. So Gradwell suplexes him on the ramp. Love the revenge spot. Gradwell his a missile dropkick, but lands on the bad back. OH NO! Dunne hits a German suplex, but Gradwell is still fired up and keeps coming. Dive to the floor again. Gradwell is on fire and Dunne is actually a good bump n run heel. Did I wake up in 1986, this is incredible! Dunne pushes Gradwell off the top rope injuring the back and Dunne bodyslams Gradwell into the turnbuckles to win the match. Dunne got three moves of offense. THATS HOW IT SHOULD BE! The babyface should be kicking ass. The heel does a bullshit thing like knock him off the top rope to take advantage of injury and quickly win the match. He didn't hit his finish. He hit a violent move that took advantage of the injury. This blew my expectations out of the water. This is pro wrestling! ****

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