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[2017-01-15-WWE-UK Championship Tournament] Tyler Bate vs Jordan Devlin

Superstar Sleeze

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Tyler Bate vs Jordan Devlin - WWE UK Tournament 1/15/17


Another great match from this tourney! Why is it great, you may ask? Because it focused on time-tested tradition of babyface/heel dynamics. This is the Quarters. Bate is a surprise 19 year old success. He has a moustache which makes him look older than he is. He is a crowd favorite. Devlin is an Irishman and is naturally the heel in England. The previous night he busted open his opponent with kick to the back of the head and knocked him out post-match.


Devlin was a great heel in this. Bate is having fun. He is 19. He is happy to be there. He shows up Devlin by faking shaking his hand. So Devlin is pissed and attacks. Bate fights though this attack and EARNS his suicide dive. I love watching Devlin RETREAT in the ring into a corner. Then thumb Bate in the eye. These are BASIC heel things that everyone should be doing. Babyfaces move forward and heels move backwards. I forget who said that. But God is it genius! Devlin takes advantage and goes on offense but in doing so he showcases Bate's neck strength with a bridge spot. Bate gets a monkey flip. Goes for an airplane spin always a crowd pleaser. They do a good job teasing big moves like a Bate Tiger Driver and a Devlin moonsault. Devlin gets in that wicked kick that busted open his opponent the previous night, but Bate is not as injured as the ref is checking him which loses valuable time for Devlin. Devlin takes the BAIT of the right and Bate nails him with the left. :P


TIGER DRIVER '97!!! Im all in on this UK Tournament. Traditional pro wrestling lives! ***1/2

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