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[2013-05-12-Monterrey] Bob Esponja & Lady Maravilla & Patricio Estrella vs Buzz Lightyear & Chelly Rock & Sky Kid

Matt D

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Just to make this crystal clear, Patricio Estrella is Patrick the Starfish and Bob Esponja is Spongebob Squarepants. Buzz Lightyear is Buzz Lightyear, yes. And this was lucha, big and broad, with mean punches and all sorts of antics. Some things are just so universal. The tecnicos controlled the primera. The rudos took over in a great way. There was a bit of miscommunication leading into the tercera and a bunch of holds and breakups before they went into the dives and a final match up. It was lucha.


Some things worked. I loved how open and huge they had to be with the throws and rope running because of the suits. They were playing to the very last row of an arena, just in front of a crowd of thirty or whatever. Patricio bumped awesomely, really making the most out of the suit and the visual. Sky Kid's punches were appropriately mean. Maravilla seemed competent enough. The one or two real exchanges between Buzz and Bob were legit good.


Some things REALLY worked. The Bob dive tease right before the transition was so good that I was frustrated when Sky Kid cut it off. The transition, with him hitting one of the best low blows I've ever seen from a prone position was hilarious and will stick with me. I liked the mauling out of the ring (and the squashing of Patricio's face). The tecnico comeback was fine and came due to the Buzz costume getting in Sky Kid's way which was clever-seeming even if unintended (who knows). The Buzz dive was tremendous, as was his To Infinity and Beyond finish in the segunda.


Some things didn't work. Chelly was the worst, just miserable. They never paid off the Bob dive tease. I wanted more rudo miscommunication comedy at the end instead of just breaking up holds. This would have been better in 1988 (which is a notion I have a lot of times watching matches like these.).


Anyway, it's worth watching for the novelty.

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