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[2018-02-04-Stardom] Io Shirai vs Nicole Savoy

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This match is for Io's Wonder of Stardom title as she takes on Shimmer champion Nicole Savoy. Savoy hasn't really stood out during this tour but she's not the type of worker that is going to shine in a tag as much as singles. She was fantastic here as she was finally able to show off what she could do in a high profile setting. Savoy's working over Io's arms was great as she would switch which arm she was working over whenever Io would get over defensive on one of them. In response, Io has to take more big risks earlier in the match in order to regain control then takes a shortcut of attacking Savoy's knee, removing her knee brace. I do wish that the finishing stretch was a bit longer as it seems like Io puts Savoy away a little too easily after a such a competitive match. Still, the match as a whole was great, especially as a showcase of what Nicole Savoy can do. ****1/4

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