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[2018-01-07-Lucha Memes] Keyra vs Ricky Marvin


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A very motivated Ricky Marvin and an excellent-as-usual Keyra kill it here. This starts off with some back and forth before a control segment for Ricky, in which he throws Keyra into a bunch of chairs and does some stretching, while (somewhat awkwardly, ok?) setting up some spots for later. After a bit of that (Keyra's selling is on point, btw) and a comeback, we get a title match-like near fall stretch with some really cool and well-executed moves, and then they move on to some absurd bumps. Even after cubsfan's glowing writeup, this way exceeded my expectations.

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Man, I love Lucha Memes. Their shows have the aesthetics of a backyard show, which makes it feel all the more weird when you see some brilliant wrestling like I have during the last two matches I've seen.


There's a moment in the opening exchanges where Ricky Marvin obviously helps Keyra pull off a hurricanrana. This had me worried that all the fore coming moves would look contrived. Thankfully just seconds later, Keyra hits one of the most natural looking crucifixes I've ever seen and put all my worries to bed.


Ricky Marvin is particularly great here. He adds fuel to Keyra's eventual comeback by punishing her like any other male opponent and not relying on being a sleazy scumbag like most guys do when they work as the heel in an intergender match. He's added a lot of weight since I last saw him wrestle years ago yet he's still maintained his athleticism for the most part. He hits a devastating dropkick that has a lot more oomph to it than if it was done by 2011 Ricky Marvin. It seems the golden rule to becoming a great lucha wrestler in Mexico is to get fat and old (see: Black Terry).


Anyway, this is a great weapons match sprinkled with some organic lucha spots thrown in. Check it out.



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