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[1973-12-13-Joint Promotions] Alan Sarjeant vs Eddie Capelli


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Probably the strangest and most wonderous grappling in a World of Sport match that there is. Not counting anything hypnosis related that may or may not have happened in certain Kendo Nagasaki matches. It's not just about the moves and escapes, but the sheer consequence this is wrestled with. Normally, in WoS you will see a lot of guys agreeing to a stalemate and giving up their position and holds. Here, that is reduced to a minimum and both guys are determined to wrestle to the limit. This leads to them pretzeling into and out of positions that would make Solar step back and say "Woah there" for a moment. They really explore the basic holds, like a toe hold and short arm scissor to the max. There's also lots of tripping the other guy in mid movement and struggle over escapes to make you appreciate the eventual succesful counters. The short arm scissor sequence seen here may be text book example of how to work a damn hold and escape sequence without much flash. Also, I dug the old lady giving advice.

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