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WWF/WWE MOTYs 1978-2017

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This is Part One of a Forty Part series looking at the Top Three Matches of the Year in WWF/WWE from 1978-2017.


I am starting with the year 2014. This is Part One of a Forty Part Series chronicling the Top Three matches to take place in WWF/WWE from 1978-2017 in an effort to crown the greatest match of all time. Remember how much hope there in April of 2014, Cesaro was getting pushed, Sami Zayn was an over underdog babyface in NXT, the women's revolution was starting, The Shield vs Wyatts were tearing down the house and most importantly Daniel Bryan proved dreams do come true winning the World Championship at WrestleMania XXX in a fairy tale ending. All that hope just withered away. :( But come celebrate the good that was 2014!



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You may have misunderstood my point. 95 is bad because it had trifecta of poor drawing, poor booking and poor work rate. I agree of the three the workrate was the least of their concerns but still Bret was having GOOD just Good matches in the mid card. Shawn had long dry spells of nothing. Besides Shawn & Bret, it was really just Owen that could be relied on. I much prefer 1993 as a dark horse for great under the radar WWF workrate.

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I have lived a crazy life and one of the weird fun facts of my life is that I as in attendance for Hulk Hogan's last ever match in WWE (Summerslam 2006). The year 2006 was the year WWE officially made nostalgia their business model. Hulk Hogan was just one example, the main storylines revolved around Mick Foley, the reunion of D-Generation X and resurrection of ECW. I think ever since 2006 WWE has had one foot in the past and one foot in the present. Check out this year in review of WWE in 2006.



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