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  1. Frankensteiner

    Matches vs Events

    Wanted to bump this topic to see how people consume their wrestling today. Personally, due to time constraints, I almost always skip around and watch individual matches. Although I've noticed I usually tend to focus on one or two wrestlers in one sitting and watch at least a few matches from each wrestler.
  2. Frankensteiner

    AEW All Out 2021 - September 5, 2021

    So as someone tuning into AEW for the first time (and not watching WWE for about 6 years), I'm afraid modern wrestling may not be for me. There was no pre-text of competition in that pre-show opener. It was all laughs and cute highspots. To the regular viewers, was that atypical of the style?
  3. Frankensteiner

    Best YouTube & Dailymotion Channels

    Official El Hijo del Santo channel posted a nicer copy of the Santo/Espanto Jr. mask match than the one that has been available for years.
  4. Frankensteiner

    Sleezin' Through The 80s

    Didn't he debut the previous SNME? I know he had a short match with Tito for the IC Title. Did that get edited out of the Peacock version?
  5. Frankensteiner

    Bret Hart vs Ric Flair

    I don't think there's anything wrong with working on instincts but the point with Flair is that he often did his spots without much rhyme or reason or simply with the intent to pop the crowd (one that comes to mind and just killed me was him going to the top with 1 min to go while trying to run out the clock against Windham in the TV draw). Yes, Bret had his stock spots too but he never utilized them in a way where they weren't a logical part of the match.
  6. Frankensteiner

    Bret Hart vs Ric Flair

    Bret by a country mile. I don't even think Flair has more volume than Bret. He does have some classics but also the distinction of having the most matches on tape that I would never want to watch again. I don't necessarily hold his touring matches against him (even if they are incredibly rote), but so much of his Crockett run doesn't hold up either. Matches against Dusty, Nikita, Windham, Garvin, Luger, Sting where he's just bumping around and stooging like a rich man's Honkytonk Man. I forget who here made the comparison, but Flair is not too far off from an 80s version of Kurt Angle. He really could have used an editor to cut down his matches or insert some plot points beyond "NWA Title Match". That's all fine and good but it doesn't apply to Bret. His matches never lost the feeling of competition or struggle. Randy Savage was the same way. If anything, Flair's matches usually have one or two spots where you can see he's clearly calling spots, or having awkward miscommunication with the other wrestler, that takes you out of the action.
  7. Frankensteiner

    Ted DiBiase

    Since you were asking, the other new Houston matches are: vs. Murdoch - after DiBiase's face turn. Had this match previously but not complete. w/ Dr. Death vs. Murdoch & Masked Superstar - 3/14/86 vs. Terry Gordy (UWF Title Tournament) - 5/30/86 vs. Terry Gordy (Cage) / vs. Michael Hayes (Cage, Country Whipping Match) - 10/17/86. The Gordy match was available previously but not complete. vs. Michael Hayes (Glove On A Pole) - 1/23/87
  8. Frankensteiner

    Ted DiBiase

    I don't know about that. All of his newly released Houston matches were excellent and had me excited for more until the plug was pulled on that footage.
  9. Frankensteiner

    GWE Non-Thread Worthy Comments

    I saw a recent Q&A where he mentioned Mysterio as being better than himself too.
  10. Frankensteiner

    Bret Hart

    The Bret/Backlund match got uploaded to youtube a couple of weeks ago (along with the rest of the show).
  11. I re-watched this recently and probably came away liking it less than ever. What stuck out this time was how much Regal just guzzled Hash in this. He controlled most of the match, basically didn't show any hesitation or regard for any of Hash's offense, routinely didn't sell Hash's moves for long and would often beat Hash to the attack even after Hashimoto had been the one just hitting a move. It was like watching a blue blood gimmicked Hansen. It's still an interesting match but it's strange how they worked this. I'm not going to say it killed Hash's aura but he did look weak. It's one thing for Hash to go up against gimmicked guys like Norton or Power Warrior where he's "outgunned," but Regal?
  12. Frankensteiner

    2026 Ideas

    Sure, I realize that and said as much. Still, there could be a bit of a double-edged sword if it sways voting into consensus. I know I personally ranked some guys higher than I wanted in hindsight because I felt they "should" be high based on others opinions. As I said tho, I don't have any ideas on how to counterbalance that and the discussion is the backbone of the project for most here. Just an observation I wanted to point out in relation to how I came up with my voting.
  13. Frankensteiner

    2026 Ideas

    Were there actual instances of the discussion significantly influencing people’s voting? I remember Jetlag had a nice writeup on Franz Van Buyten close to the voting deadline which made me check out his matches and got him onto my ballot. But for a lot my other rankings, I tried to go off of solely my own viewings without being influenced too much by other opinions. And in retrospect, I regret that a few of my rankings were too strongly based on group consensus rather than my own views. I realize the discussion is the backbone of the project so I’m not advocating anything or have better ideas, but also having random people submit ballots at the end was interesting in cancelling out some of the groupthink (of course there’s other issues that arise with those type of ballots).
  14. Frankensteiner

    Tatsumi Fujinami vs Bret Hart

    Tried organizing my thoughts but still too close to call in my mind. If I had to make a case for each, I’d say Fujinami’s junior heavyweight period was better than Bret’s early Hart Foundation run, and the periods from the Sekigun/Ishingun feud through the UWF invasion were better than Bret’s run with the Intercontinental Championship. And just looking at them from a traits standpoint, I think Fujinami was the better and more graceful athlete so his matches could be seen as more exciting just based on athleticism. Not that Bret was a bad or uncoordinated athlete, but Fujinami is one of the smoothest athletes ever in wrestling. For Bret, I’d say his main event run from ’92 – ’97 is better than Fujinami’s ’88-’94 run on top with the IWGP belt. And although the difference between their main runs probably isn’t as great as their undercard runs, I’m inclined to weigh their peak years on top more heavily. I would also argue Bret showed more versatility through his work as a subtle heel/heel against other babyfaces and as a brawler against Lawler or Austin, or even Owen. It’s just a side that Fujinami didn’t get a chance to showcase as much given how and where he wrestled.
  15. Frankensteiner

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Edge was on a hockey podcast and got asked about his favorite matches. He mentioned Shawn/Taker from WM 25 and Eddie/Angle from 20, which aren't surprising. But then also mentioned Bret Hart and Nick Bockwinkel as basically his favorite wrestlers to watch. Said he can go down a 5 hour Nick Bockwinkel wormhole (which I'm sure many here can relate going down worm holes for various wrestlers). Interesting because I don't think I've ever heard a modern wrestler previously mention Bockwinkel as any sort of influence. Also interesting because to me Edge wrestles nothing like Bret or Bockwinkel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uwk4UKXq7ss (it's around the 54 minute mark).