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  1. Frankensteiner

    My New Year's Revolution: The Rewatchening

    This is great stuff! Looking forward to the rest.
  2. Frankensteiner

    [2019-01-27-WWE-Royal Rumble] Asuka vs Becky Lynch

    This is the first Becky Lynch match I've seen from her current run. The work here was pretty good with a really nice build, so it overall I'd say it was a good to very good match. However, one thing that struck me is Becky Lynch's facial expressions and mannerisms to the crowd were terrible. Edge level bad. I know it's a total modern WWE thing to sell shock at opponent's kickouts, but they really need to stop with that. It always looks terribly forced and takes me out of the match.
  3. Frankensteiner

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Pretty disappointing they didn't include Dibiase/Murdoch in the Mid-South hidden gem.
  4. Frankensteiner

    Your opinion on Roman Reigns

    Wow, that's pretty perfect. He's not necessarily bad but there is nothing about him that seems natural, from the way he carries himself to his ring work. Just seems like the product of someone's imagination on the CAW feature in those early WWF Attitude era video games (complete with Big Bossman's unlockable ring gear, if there is a such thing). I saw that brawl he had on Raw with Strowman and just couldn't help laughing at him starting it off with that Superman punch.
  5. Frankensteiner

    WWF/WWE MOTYs 1978-2017

    I don't get your conclusion at all. 1995 is one of the best years the WWF had in terms of high end matches. If you stack up the top 10 or top 20 matches in 1995, it smokes 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 98, 99, etc.
  6. Frankensteiner

    WWE's "Unseen Matches" DVD

    I think we will probably get a couple of never before seen matches, but I'd assume the majority of the set will be matches that were simply never released on DVD previously (think Bret Hart's Dungeon Collection). At least that's my take from reading the official synopsis on Wrestlingdvdnetwork.
  7. Frankensteiner

    Top 100 Bret Hart Matches

    This should be interesting. In my head, I counted about 15 locks and a total of 35 matches that could still conceivably make the list. So it'll be interesting which matches don't make the cut. - I'll predict Austin will be the opponent with the most appearances in top 25 with 4, then Diesel with 3. Bulldog will have 4 appearances too but not all of them as an opponent. - Highest rated regular tag match will be the Action Zone tag with Bret & Davey / Owen & Backlund. - Top 3: Bret / Austin Survivor Series, Bret / Owen WrestleMania X, Bret / Austin WrestleMania 13, in that order.
  8. Frankensteiner

    Top 100 Bret Hart Matches

    I like that you listed the Godwinn match. They also had a match the previous week on Superstars that was also good, although it ended with Lawler interference. Also curious, in the writeup of the Undertaker match, you mentioned they had a stinker in 1996. I actually think that match from the Rumble is Bret's most underrated. Did you re-watch the match recently or were you going off memory?
  9. I want to say the Atlantis/Mano Negra mask match was the actual headliner and Casas/Fiera was 2nd from the top.
  10. Frankensteiner

    WWE Network... It's Here

    Looks like the new Undertaker collection on the network will have the Bret/Taker vs Diesel/Shawn tag match from MSG 3/17/96. Previously only available as handheld. I'm assuming this will be a camera shot from ringside as I remember clips of this airing on RAW to show how Diesel turned on Shawn.
  11. Frankensteiner

    WWE's "Unseen Matches" DVD

    I think the Bret/Anvil match (if the date is correct) is the only one that isn't from a TV taping. It took place in Montreal, same night as the Jacques Rougeau retirement match. I'm assuming that is the reason for the WWF having a camera crew there filming the show.
  12. Frankensteiner

    NWA On Demand

    The match was good but I have a hard time buying Slater as a babyface. I think it's the way he moves around with his ass sticking out and the waddling gait, or maybe it's his other mannerisims, or maybe it's because he's Dick Slater. Whatever it is though, I don't feel like cheering for him.
  13. Frankensteiner

    NWA On Demand

    It's been available JIP on the Houston tapes so nice to have it in full finally.
  14. Frankensteiner

    I have cancer

    So so terrible...heartbreaking news.
  15. Frankensteiner

    [1988-04-25-WWF-MSG, NY] Randy Savage vs Ted DiBiase

    Savage also had a good run with Bad News Brown at the end of the year. There are a couple of matches at Boston Garden and one at MSG in December. I would recommend them. The Harlem streetfight from Copps Coliseum the following year is the one that is most well remembered (probably because it made it onto a Coliseum Video release) but that was arguably the least of their matches.