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[2009-05-02-wXw-Dead End Beta] Bryan Danielson vs Absolute Andy

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- This is one of my favourite performances in Bryan’s career. Now I have nothing against Absolute Andy, I quite like the guy, but I think Bryan could’ve had the match of this same quality against literally anyone else if it had the combination of Bryan’s journey in wXw + the relationship he had built with the crowd there. His work over Andy was absolutely tremendous - he basically busted out all the greatest hits he had built over as big weapons in wXw over the years. The atmosphere was terrific & the climax of the match w/ Andy kicking out of the kick to the balls -> small package sequence was amazing. There couldn’t have been a more perfect way to end Danielson’s career in wXw (before going back there for a few matches after getting released by the E a year later anyway). ****1/2

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