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[2007-09-15-ROH-Man Up] Bryan Danielson vs Takeshi Morishima

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Danielson is pissed off & full of fire! He is not gonna do your Code of Honors and shit, he wants to get revenge on the man who destroyed his eye. Morishima had said before the match that he wouldn't target that eye of Danielson, which was the story of the match - Danielson took Morishima to the absolute limit, hitting him with his best shots & refusing to die. Morishima threw bombs at Bryan, clobbered the shit out of him, but Dragon wasn't gonna go down easy. Him getting his foot on the rope after the Backdrop Driver was the straw that broke camel's back; Morishima got pissed off about that big time & started to go after that eye of Danielson that he hurt at Manhattan Mayhem. Danielson still managed to get one big Small Package nearfall, and motherfucker did that piss Morishima off even more! Brutal ground & pound on that eye to end the match w/ a ref stoppage. EXCELLENT storytelling. ****3/4

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