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[2015-11-01-ZERO-ONE] Hideki Suzuki vs Kohei Sato


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I hadn't seen this before but it was quite the little banger, with good struggle in the matwork early on and some really great selling from Hideki throughout, especially off the leg kicks -- I mean, he's selling the leg even when he's working a cravate on Sato. Of course, the strikes are stiff as to be expected with Sato involved but Hideki also throws some mean elbows. It's ZERO1 so the match escalates to a bit of a bombfest toward the end, with plenty of suplexes and piledrivers, but it works well here. Sato stuns Hideki with a nasty headbutt but then when he turns his back, Hideki jumps on with the sleeper, wearing him down for the double arm suplex. When that doesn't do the job, he dumps Sato with a release dragon suplex and then pins him with the double arm suplex hold to win the title.

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