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[2015-07-03-AAA-Sin Limite] Averno vs Myzteziz


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I had seen a little bit of their feud when Myzteziz was Mistico and prior to his WWE Sin Cara run. I won't lie that I've become quite fond of Averno as a rudo over the years. I can't quite put my finger on why, I guess just his general body of work overall. Chessman acts as Averno's second in this one while Myzteziz's brother, Argenis does the same for him. Overall, I really like the match as it has a nice flow with it - although I seem to stumble upon matches where masks are trying to get ripped off lately. In any event, my only complaint about this one would be that Argenis looks so weak, constantly whining about Chessman interfering rather than just neutralizing him at the very end of the match. Other than that, fun match to watch.

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