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  1. Technically, about the Women's tag title matches, aren't the IIconics pretty much the only challengers of the bunch that have a legit argument about being worthy of a title match given they've just beaten the champs tonight?
  2. I think we should not forget that originally, it was Stephanie & Shane (before his heel turn) who declared Kofi the #1 contender for the WWE Championship until Vince decided to be Vince. Yeah, I think that the rest of the babyface locker room will play a factor in this but I wonder also at one point if Stephanie & Triple H won't also have a role to play in overturning the situation.
  3. SirEdger

    AWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling

    I'm sure that deep inside, Jerry Lawler gladly took that countout win against JYD in Birmingham. Huge win for the Rat Patrol as they capture the Southeastern Tag Championships! Maybe that Doug Sommers won't remain a Midnight Express member for long afterwards!
  4. SirEdger

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    Gaaah, what an idiot. I meant Don Kent, not Don Bass LOL Thanks Gene, I'll fix it. I knew something was a bit off
  5. SirEdger

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    March 18th, 1984 Lakeland, FL -Mike Graham beat Don Kent Submission Match: The Moscas beat Hercules Hernandez & Denny Brown after Hercules walked away from Denny Brown in mid-match! Falls Count Anywhere: Abdullah the Butcher (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink, Kevin Sullivan & Fallen Angel) beat Boomer Lynch after using his trademark fork. There were multiple interferences in the match and the likes of Johnny Weaver, Denny Brown & Steve Diblasio tried to interfere but they were constantly cut off by Kevin Sullivan. After the match, Eddie Graham came out and announced to the crowd that he's gonna deal with the House of Humperdink in a drastic way and fans will have to tune in on TV this weekend to find out how! -Rufus Jones & Mike Davis beat Johnny Weaver & Steve Diblasio -Jay & Mark Youngblood beat Roger Smith (from Southeastern) & AWA Florida Heavyweight Champion Bill White after Jay pinned White with the diving cross body. -Dory Funk Jr beat Barry Horowitz with the Spinning Toe Hold -Wahoo McDaniel beat Rocky Kernodle with the Tomahawk Chop
  6. Well, she's part of that whole series now. Which is funny because on every episode, it looks like she can't wait to be done with this.
  7. Um....Good location, wrong preview.
  8. SirEdger

    AWA Pacific Wrestling

    I like the pairing of Lafleur & Jacques Rougeau together. Definitely is a huge boost for Lafleur's credibility and a good way to sit under the learning tree.
  9. SirEdger

    Superstars of the Superstation

    Some great action in those house shows. Always had a soft spot for the Long Riders given they worked with Lutte Internationale when I was a kid so I'm kind of rooting for them, even agains the Fantastics. I bet they definitely earned their main event spot with those matches.
  10. SirEdger

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    Just trying some things with the house shows, see what sticks and what doesn't. Feedback helps me figure it out and I can make the necessary corrections going forward
  11. SirEdger

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    March 17th, 1984 Miami, FL -Angelo Mosca beat Denny Brown after interference from Angelo Mosca Jr. After the match, as the Moscas were celebrating, The Great Kabuki spit the Green Mist at Angelo Mosca Sr's face! Junior challenged Kabuki to a match in the main event! -Phil Lafleur (AWA Pacific) beat Steve Diblasio -Dusty Rhodes beat Bob Dellaserra after interference from Wahoo McDaniel, who prevented Dellaserra to use a chair on Dusty, after being dominated by the American Dream -Gene Anderson beat Mark Fleming -Masanobu Fuchi beat Ric McCord -The Great Kabuki (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) beat Angelo Mosca Jr
  12. SirEdger

    Superstars of the Superstation

    Well, if Mike Miller didn't think he had competition, he will now with Jake Roberts throwing his name in the hat! And certainly keeping an eye on the Tommy Rich/Gary Hart situation. I don't blame Rich for not trusting Gary Hart. Who is anyway?
  13. SirEdger

    WWF Superstars (Of Wrestling) on the Network

    For me, that's actually the opposite. My local channels dropped WWF programming during the summer of 1991 and I caught up with WWF in the fall of 1993 when we could finally get cable so I didn't really watch RAW but we had Superstars on the weekend so that's how I could follow up back then (as well as videotapes)
  14. SirEdger


    Some fantastic buildup for the supercard at the Saddledome. Your roster is full of larger-than-life characters and you know that this always factor in when it comes to drawing power. Pretty stoked for the Young Lions tournament as well. While Nikita is a legit favorite, my money is on Eddie Gilbert!
  15. SirEdger

    TNT Wrestling

    I'm telling you man....it'd be a crime if Tully Blanchard doesn't become your top star about a year from now!