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  1. SirEdger

    NWA: Era of Eras

    Broadcasted on weekend of September 22nd, 2018, taped at Ricoh Coliseum, Toronto, ON - 60-MINUTE EDITION -Dave Prazak is once again accompanied this week by NWA World Heavyweight Champion Bryan Danielson at the broadcast table for this week's Worldwide Wrestling. In the main event, we have mixed tag team action as Mika Iida teams up with SD Jones to take on Alison Wonderland & Salman Hashimikov. Victoria was supposed to be Hashimikov's tag team partner but Victoria deemed Iida "unworthy of standing in the same ring than her" so Wonderland will take her place. Match #1 Butch Miller beat Magia Blanca after interference from Luke Williams. After the match, Butch Miller says that the Sheepherders are back together and they're gunning for the vacant US Tag Team Championships! Match #2 Jules Strongbow (w/Chief Jay Strongbow) defeated Raymond Rowe with a top rope tomahawk chop Match #3 Alison Wonderland & Salman Hashimikov beat Mika Iida & S.D. Jones after a miscue between Iida and Jones. Victoria showed up, halfway into the match, popcorn in hand to taunt Iida. The referee got distracted when for a second show in a row, Matt Jackson popped out of nowhere to superkick Alison Wonderland before leaving through the crowd. After a shoving match, Iida accidentally struck SD Jones with a dropkick while she was aiming for Victoria. That lead to Hashimikov hitting a gutwrench suplex on Jones to score the victory for his team. After the match, Victoria hit Widow's Peak on Iida before throwing her out of the ring! Will Victoria's rampage continue this week on World Championship Wrestling?
  2. SirEdger


    I'm not gonna lie, I wish the Young Guns tournament finals would've been Brad Armstrong vs Barry Windham. But other than that, the January 30th card at the Omni looks absolutely STACKED.
  3. SirEdger

    ECW 1993

    The visual of Tracy Smothers - I'm sorry, Tre Smooth - as a gangsta wannabe is quite entertaining. Luger vs Eaton is becoming a premiere feud and I'm enjoying every moment of it! You got a great creative mind!
  4. SirEdger

    WWF on Tour September 1986

    Great edition of Prime Time Wrestling this week with Dr. D attacking Hogan in the parking lot. One would assume that the Nature Boy had something to do with that....Hogan & Savage both involved in huge main events in October! Dream match on Main Event III if you ask me!
  5. SirEdger

    WCW September 1995 Thread

    Well, the 1983 Project is pretty much done for me as I put my focus mostly on Dawn of War going forward. Some family stuff that came up has forced me to make a choice and given the state of the 83 Project, as sad as it makes me, I decided to end my contribution for that project. And NWA: Era of Eras doesn't require me to follow a strict schedule so that's more easier to juggle with both Dawn of War and NWA: EofE.
  6. SirEdger

    WCW September 1995 Thread

    Airing September 15th, 1995 - Hosted by Tony Schiavone & Larry Zbyszko Recap Match #1 Chris Adams beat WCW World Tag Team Champion "Dirty" Dick Slater with a Superkick after Sting & came to ringside to take care of Bunkhouse Buck, who was trying to interfere in the match. Postmatch, Sting grabbed Col. Robert Parker and put him in a Scorpion Death Lock while Adams took care of Slater! Match #2 Terry Funk beat Steve Corino with the Spinning Toe Hold. Tony Schiavone & Larry Zbyszko announce that Funk will take on The Giant at Fall Brawl in the World TV Championship Showcase Series -Up next, Rick Martel comes out to the ring for his scheduled match when all of a sudden, LORD STEVEN REGAL shows up with the World Television Championship. Regal is joined by Lee Marshall who asks his presence here. Regal claims that the rumors of him jumping ship to the newly-reformed NWA are false as WCW have never been truthful with him about his contract negotiations. Regal claims that he re-signed with WCW, contrary to what WCW management might say. Therefore, there is no reason for the World TV Championship Showcase Series as he's the rightful TV Champion. However, as long as Regal doesn't get his new contract, he's holding that title hostage and will not return it to World Championship Wrestling until this happens. Regal wants a fight with Rick Martel right now! Match #3 Rick Martel beat Lord Steven Regal with the Slingshot Splash. Postmatch, Regal took the TV title and hit Martel with it! Match #4 The debuting Unibomb (w/Al Snow) destroyed Chas Rollins in 45 seconds. Postmatch, Al Snow cuts a promo with Lee Marshall about how Unibomb will destroy Meng at Fall Brawl tomorrow night in their Showcase Series match! -Backstage, Mean Gene Okerlund is joined by Konnan, as we learned that Konnan will take on Ice Train tomorrow night in a World TV Championship Showcase Series Match at Fall Brawl. But tonight, Konnan takes on newcomer PJ Walker in singles action. Konnan says he cannot afford to look past Walker but he knows that tomorrow night is a huge night to make a statement and get his name in the TV title picture. He doesn't care if Lord Steven Regal is back or not because at Starrcade, he's walking out as the World TV Champion, no matter what. Match #5 Ice Train beat Johnny Grunge by submission with a Full Nelson Match #6 PJ Walker upsets Konnan after manager Jason Knight came out and hit Konnan with a kendo stick while referee Mickey Jay was checking on Walker. Postmatch, Walker seemed shocked and confused about Jason's interference, as Jason only smiled and walked away... Match #7 Vader & Diamond Dallas Page defeated The Fantastics after a Vader Bomb from Vader on Bobby Fulton To close the show, at the WCW Control Center, the full card was announced for Fall Brawl: MAIN EVENT WAR GAMES MATCH Team Hogan (Hulk Hogan, Lex Luger & the Road Warriors) vs Team Flair (Ric Flair, The Shark, Kensuke Sasaki & ???, w/Sensuous Sherri & Sonny Onoo) WCW UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP Sting (c) vs Dick Slater (w/Col. Rob Parker) WCW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Bunkhouse Buck & Dick Slater (w/Col. Rob Parker) vs Sting & Rick Martel WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP SHOWCASE SERIES MATCHES Diamond Dallas Page vs Ultimo Dragon (w/Sonny Onoo) Vader vs Jerry Sags Terry Funk vs The Giant Meng vs Unibomb Tommy Dreamer (w/Beulah McGillicutty) vs Zodiac (w/The Shark) Ice Train vs Konnan
  7. SirEdger

    WWF Programming for September 1995

    Wow! Definitely didn't see King Mabel turning on Sir Mo but I think it makes for a much more formidable threatening duo in Mabel & Jarrett. There's a real possibility that we can see a new Intercontinental Champion at In Your House. Expect a swift response on Nitro :p
  8. SirEdger

    NWA: Era of Eras

    I'll let you in on a little secret: to select the "enhancement talent", what I did is I started an unemployed game with the latest TEW 2016 update I got and I use the random profile that pops up in between days. That's why you'll see often some names that are unfamiliar to you but the focus will be made on the current roster that I have. I also found another database of older wrestlers from the early 80s. Add that to the current database from which I selected my starting roster, I got roughly over 5000 wrestlers to choose from at all times. This is why that concept attracted me from the start because I can go literally everywhere at any time when I choose to.
  9. SirEdger

    ECW 1993

    That promo where Azrael out-Ravens the man behind Raven is absolutely fantastic. Major kudos to you for character development. Strongest suit in your series.
  10. SirEdger

    NWA: Era of Eras

    Broadcasted on weekend of September 15th, 2018, taped at the XL Energy Center, Hartford, CT -Dave Prazak welcomes the audience to this week's edition of World Championship Wrestling, as he's joined by special guest commentator, NWA World Heavyweight Champion Bryan Danielson. They talked about what happened earlier this weekend on World Wide when Danielson confronted KENTA over his actions in the 6-Men Tag. Danielson says that he'll be ready for KENTA, no matter when it happens. KENTA will be in action later on today in singles action. Prazak sends us to ring announcer Gary Michael Capetta for the opening match Match #1 Sarah Stock beat Biff Wellington with a Top Rope Moonsault ***commercial break*** Match #2 KENTA beat Ray Candy with a Shining Wizard. After the match, KENTA pointed at Danielson at the broadcast table but nothing physical took place. ***commercial break*** Match #3 Vladimir Kozlov beat Tiger Mask with the Iron Curtain. After the match, Kozlov was congratulated by fellow Russian Salman Hashimikov, who was coming to the ring for his match. Match #4 Salman Hashimikov beat Andy Douglas with a gutwrench suplex. Postmatch, Hashimikov draped a Soviet flag over Andy Douglas' body in the middle of the ring... ***commercial break*** -Up next, Dave Prazak is standing by with another special guest, joshi Mika Iida, along with an interpreter. Mika Iida says it is an honor for her to be here in the United States to hone her craft and to wrestle the best in the world. Iida says that she's also happy that the NWA is sanctioning intergender matches going forward, saying that she wants to be an inspiration to other young girls just like women like Bull Nakano or Madusa Miceli have been as well. However, young Iida is interrupted by... Victoria interrupts Mika Iida and has a lot on her mind. "What is this? Has the NWA become a charity case? Why wasting your time on that rookie when you have someone like me in the NWA? You wanna have a good reason why to bring back the NWA World Women's Championship? Because I ALONE can be a worthy inaugural champion. And Mika Iida, whoever you are, you're dreaming if you think that you could stand a chance in the ring with anyone here, especially men. So my best piece of advice to you is to go back to the airport, buy yourself a one-way ticket back to Japan and never come back. Because if I ever see you here again, trust me, you'll wish you've never gotten in this business!" After a few seconds of an attempt of peacemaking by Mika Iida, Victoria slaps her in the face and she punches her interpreter! The crowd boos as the poor young rookie is distraught and doesn't quite grasp Victoria's actions while the Black Widow sulks in the boos of the audience before returning to the back... ***commercial break*** Match #5 Victor Zangiev fight Jules Strongbow to a double DQ after interferences from Salman Hashimikov and Jay Strongbow. However, Gene Anderson walks out of the locker room to attack everyone! Next, Gene Anderson is ordered to wrestle Chief Jay Strongbow one-on-one! Match #6 Chief Jay Strongbow beat NWA World Tag Team Champion Gene Anderson after interference from Victor Zangiev, who returned to ringside to distract Gene Anderson. After the match, a melee erupts once again, involving Anderson, Zangiev & Hashimikov as well as the Strongbows! ***commercial break** Match #7 Shad Gaspard beat Alison Wonderland by countout when Matt Jackson, coming through the crowd, superkicked Wonderland on the outside, knocking her out and preventing her from beating the 10-count. The show ends with Matt Jackson posing over the body of Alison Wonderland.
  11. SirEdger

    NWA: Era of Eras

    Broadcasted on weekend of September 15th, 2018, taped at the XL Energy Center, Hartford, CT -Dave Prazak welcomes the audience to this week's edition of World Wide Wrestling. Usually, he's flying solo but for this week, on both World Wide Wrestling and World Championship Wrestling, he'll be accompanied in the booth by NWA World Heavyweight Champion Bryan Danielson, who makes his way to the booth and shake hands with Prazak. The main event this week will feature KENTA and Rey Misterio Jr in opposite of a 6-Men Tag. Prazak leads us to the ring for the opening bout. Match #1 JTG (w/Shad Gaspard) beat Halcon 2000 with a Discus Clothesline -Up next, we see a video package showcasing Canadian luchadora Sarah Stock, who'll be in action for a special appearance this weekend on World Championship Wrestling. Sarah Stock leaves also a little message for the viewers at home. I understand that the NWA is considering bringing back the NWA World Women's Championship but in the meantime, I guess I'll have to wrestle men. Men or women, I don't care. I know that Victoria and Alison Wonderland will be watching me. I know that Alison Wonderland is wrestling this week on Worldwide against Matt Jackson. Just know this, I'll be watching. Somehow, someday, once the NWA brings back a Women's title, you'll be looking at the new champ! ***commercial break*** -After the break, Dave Prazak leads us to a video package from a live event in Chicago last week. The video shows the NWA World Tag Team Champions The Minnesota Wrecking Crew - Gene & Ole Anderson - successfully defending their titles against the Strongbows when the Russians - Salman Hashimikov & Victor Zangiev - attacked them on the stage. While Hashimikov and Gene Anderson brawled all the way to the back, Ole Anderson got the worst of it as Zangiev piledrove Ole on the stage! Finally, referees and other wrestlers were able to chase away Zangiev to the back as Ole was stretchered out of the building. Dave Prazak informs the viewers that Ole is recovering at home and the Minnesota Wrecking Crew have demanded to have a match soon against Hashimikov & Zangiev and it's gonna be up to the NWA Board of Directors to decide when... Match #2 Paul Burchill beat Butch Miller with the C4 ***commercial break*** Match #3 Alison Wonderland upsets Matt Jackson after Jackson missed a Superkick and Wonderland rolled him up. Jackson threw a fit in the ring, complaining to the referee about a (inexistent) fast count! ***commercial break*** Match #4 NWA United States Heavyweight Champion "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff beat Delirious with the Piledriver. After the match, Orndorff delivered the message to NWA World Heavyweight Champion Bryan Danielson that the US Championship wasn't enough for him and that he was also gunning for his title. Danielson told Dave Prazak that Orndorff should focus on defending his title instead, considering that the likes of Curt Hennig, Terry Taylor & Tommy Rich are also after his title! ***commercial break*** Match #5 6-Men Tag KENTA & Los Conquistadores beat Rey Misterio & La Hermandad (Ruky & Paolo) after KENTA pinned Ruky after the Go to Sleep. After the match, KENTA decided to stiff young Ruky and Misterio jumped on KENTA but KENTA sent him away with a stiff knee. That prompted Bryan Danielson to leave the broadcast table and charge the ring to confront KENTA. After a few seconds, KENTA slowly retreated as World Wide came to a close as Danielson checked on Misterio Jr.
  12. SirEdger

    National Wrestling Alliance 1995

    WOW! What a show, with an absolute kickass main event between Austin & Pillman. I think what I loved most about your episode is the subtle stuff you put at the end of some segments (Austin dismissing Dusty's opening promo; Candido getting in the ear of Storm after Jericho's match; the Buddy Landell thing) that makes you want to come back for more. One would argue also that Dustin Rhodes will play a major part in the NWA going forward! :)
  13. SirEdger


    I'll say one thing and that's that you got Kevin Sullivan's promos down to a tee. Some great action again and I can't wait for Dory Funk vs Dusty Rhodes! Also, Windham vs Magnum in the Young Guns tournament is a showstealer for sure.
  14. I think you're correct. That's how I remember it.
  15. I had read a bit about Arman Hussein on the Kayfabe Memories section dedicated to World Class. He seemed to have been one of the top managers in the early 80s in World Class until Gary Hart came along.