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  1. SirEdger

    All Elite Wrestling

    Especially since PAC was already the champion when the match was announced for Double or Nothing. As for the so-called visa issue, if that's true, why not say it openly rather than speculating about PAC refusing to do a job for Page?
  2. SirEdger

    All Elite Wrestling

    PAC vs Page is off Double or Nothing due to creative differences between PAC and AEW management. Apparently, PAC is extremely protective of his Dragon Gate titleholder status.
  3. SirEdger

    AWA Worldwide Wrestling

    To a lesser degree, the Rougeaus were pretty much the Von Erichs of the territory , except you didn't have to deal with an extremely protective promoter who had to make his boys look good every time. Rougeaus vs Garvins was the stuff of legends in the territory, still one of the most talked about rivalries in Montreal, at the same level than Bravo vs Martel.
  4. SirEdger

    AWA Worldwide Wrestling

    I love that you've been able to capture the spirit of Lutte Internationale and encapsulate it into the WWF mindset with AWA Worldwide. This certainly brought back some great childhood memories of the RL Road Warriors matches in Lutte. Who knows what the Rougeaus could've done hadn't they been attacked by the Wild Samoans prior to the main event!
  5. SirEdger

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    May 20th, 1984 Orlando, FL -Don Kernodle & Jay Youngblood beat enhancement talent Travis Jervis & Bob Roop when Bob Roop abandoned Jervis early in the match after a miscue! After the match, Roop came back and delivered a stiff high knee to Jervis' neck before leaving. -Bulldog Bob Brown beat Mike Graham in 8:54 -Kevin Sullivan (w/Fallen Angel & Sir Oliver Humperdink) beat the debuting Jimmy Valiant in 17:10 -Greg Valentine beat Tommy Lane in 11:27 AWA Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Championship: The Cuban Assassin beat Bill Ash in 10:30 to retain -The Brisco Brothers beat Boomer Lynch & Steve Diblasio in 20:10 after Jack submitted Lynch to the Spinning Toe Hold -Denny Brown & Wahoo McDaniel beat The House of Humperdink (The Great Kabuki & AWA Atlantic Coast TV Champion The Purple Haze, w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) in 14:43 when Wahoo pinned Purple Haze. -Dusty Rhodes pinned Mike Rotunda in 6:06 with the Bionic Elbow. Both men hugged and shook hands afterwards.
  6. SirEdger

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    May 19th, 1984 Miami, FL Steel Cage: AWA Atlantic Coast Tag Team Champion Bill White beat Wahoo McDaniel in 6:11 Falls Count Anywhere: "Maniac" Mike Davis upsets Dory Funk Jr in 8:20 -John Bonello beat Steve Diblasio in 4:54 -Don Kernodle beat Porkchop Cash in 7:07 -Boomer Lynch beat AWA Atlantic Coast Tag Team Champion Johnny Weaver -Jack Brisco beat Greg Valentine in 14:05 after Brisco reversed a Valentine's Figure Four Leglock attempt into a small package AWA Atlantic Coast TV Championship: The Purple Haze (w/Kevin Sullivan & Fallen Angel) beat Killer Tim Brooks in 28:19 to win the title! AWA Florida Heavyweight Championship: Gino Hernandez beat Phil Hickerson in 42:24 to win the title!
  7. SirEdger

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    May 18th, 1984 Fort Homer W. Hestorly Armory, Tampa, FL -Denny Brown destroys local talent Hector Mathers in 2:58 -Wahoo McDaniel beat AWA Atlantic Coast Tag Team Champion Bill White in 14:08 -Jay Youngblood beat Porkchop Cash in 12:53 AWA Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Championship: The Cuban Assassin beat "Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly in 9:04 to retain -Greg Valentine & Rocky "The Best Kernodle" beat Dusty Rhodes & Mark Youngblood in 19:54 after Kernodle pinned Youngblood -Boomer Lynch beat Don Kernodle in 17:20 -Jerry Brisco beat Don Kent in 15:26 -Ricky Steamboat beat Dory Funk Jr in 12:01
  8. SirEdger

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling TV #10 May 18th, 1984 Sportatorium, Tampa, FL (After the opening credits, we join Tony Schiavone & Bob Caudle in studio to start the show.) Bob Caudle: Hello wrestling fans and welcome to Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling TV. Lots of turmoil last week involving Eddie Graham and Greg Valentine and clearly, nothing has really been resolved, Tony, because it seems like someone is pulling the strings behind the scenes to drive Eddie Graham nuts. Tony Schiavone: Indeed, Bob, Eddie told us last week that someone was able to maneuver behind the scenes to convince Brad Armstrong not to come into our territory and as a result, he’s headed for Southeastern Championship Wrestling instead. I know for a fact that Eddie was counting on Brad to become one of the top draws in the territory but he will now have to turn to somebody else, which I’m told will officially make his debut over the weekend here. But we certainly will not be short of action this week as our feature bout will pit Dusty Rhodes against Rocky “The Best Kernodle”. And after what went down last week on this program with The Great Kabuki & Purple Haze attacking Don Kernodle, we can only assume that maybe Rocky had something to do with it. Bob Caudle: And we will also hear from Don Kernodle after our opening contest as we’ll get an update on his condition. And we’re also scheduled to hear from The Brisco Brothers, who might shed light on what we were told last week by Eddie Graham. But for now, we’re ready for action! Match #1 Angelo Mosca Jr (w/Angelo Mosca) beat Konga the Barbarian (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) in 11:04 by reverse decision. Originally, Konga had won the match after he used Sir Oliver Humperdink’s cane on Mosca Jr but newcomer Kevin Kelly rushed the ring and told the referee what happened with Konga and Mosca, bringing along another referee to explain the situation. Once that was made clear, the referee reversed the decision and awarded the match to Mosca Jr. Konga went after Mosca Jr but he barely had time to do anything as The Missing Link, still irate at Miss Elizabeth being the recipient of a fireball over the last week, chased off Konga & Humperdink! ***commercial break*** (Back from the break, we see footage from last week’s assault from Kabuki & Purple Haze on Don Kernodle. Back to the studio, Tony Schiavone is standing by in front of the booth.) Tony Schiavone: Alright ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Don Kernodle, along with Dusty Rhodes and Ricky Steamboat! (Don Kernodle comes out with Dusty Rhodes, in his wrestling gear, and Ricky Steamboat in street clothes to join Tony Schiavone at the booth.) Tony Schiavone: OK, Don, obviously, we saw again the footage from last week when you – and Dusty – were brutally attacked by the House of Humperdink and while no one could confirm who’s behind it, many of us presume that your brother Rocky might have something to do with this. Don Kernodle: He might or he might not and quite frankly, I don’t care. Even the notion that he might have thought about pulling this stunt makes me sick to my stomach. I can’t even believe that my own flesh and blood would even do something like that to me. But it is what it is. Greg Valentine got to him and for some reason, Valentine wants to make everyone miserable in Atlantic Coast and he was able to convince my brother to be as miserable as he is. Now, I don’t know when and I don’t know how but Rocky, there’s gonna be a time where there’ll be no place for you to run and nowhere to hide. And one day, we’re gonna have to settle this. And there’s not gonna be any way that mom or dad will be able to save your ass from the ass whoopin’ you’ll get because trust me, you’re gonna get a good one! Tony Schiavone: Well, this week, it won’t be Don Kernodle doing the butt kicking but you Dusty, in the main event. And I’m sure that you take this as seriously as anything else in your career. Dusty Rhodes: Well, Tonay, you’ve known me long enough to know that what matters to my friends also matters to me. Just as much as Don Kernodle was sick to his stomach about Kabuki & Purple Haze attackin’ him last week, I was as well. Because I was there. They jumped the Amahrican Dream too, daddeh. And I ain’t gonna take this lyin’ down. There is a lot of turmoil in Atlantic Coast Championship Wrasslin’ right now and I don’t know who’s behind this nor do I know why. But if I can do sumthin’ to avoid more damage and more cheapshots, this is sumthin’ that I’ll be more than happy to do and more than once. In a couple of minutes, Rocky Kernodle, you ain’t gotta deal with your brotha Don. You gonna have to deal with the Amahrican Dream, daddeh. There’s gonna be a reckonin’ , if you wheeeeeel. And I will promise you this. You’ll think twice before pulling that kind of stunt ever again. And if I were you, Greg Valentine, I’ll check this match out very closely because this is gonna be your future too. (The trio retreats backstage as Tony goes back to join Bob Caudle) Tony Schiavone: You heard Dusty Rhodes, Bob. They seemingly have vengeance in their heart after last week and I wouldn’t want to be Rocky Kernodle in the main event. Dusty Rhodes is ready and no one is more dangerous than a ready Dusty Rhodes. Bob Caudle: He certainly is ready and once everything is cleared about this mysterious puppeteer situation, you can only wonder how focused Dusty Rhodes will be. But in the meantime, we’re ready for action for our next match so let’s get to it. Match #2 Don Kent beat Rufus Jones in 10:39 after Rufus was distracted by Boomer Lynch and police officers showing up at the broadcast booth, allowing Kent to roll up Rufus. After the match, Rufus rolled out to the ring and went to confront Boomer. Rufus was told he was being charged with breaking and entering in a motel room in Tampa. Boomer taunted Rufus and Rufus threw a punch at Boomer! Boomer immediately collapses on the floor as the police officers contained Rufus. Boomer says he’s now pressing charges on Rufus for battery as well! Rufus is now taken in handcuffs out of the studio, under the amused look of Boomer Lynch! Tony and Bob are wondering if Boomer didn’t have something to do with this… **commercial break** Bob Caudle: We are back here on Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling and last week, my next guests left us with more questions than answers. And with that in mind, please welcome Jack & Jerry, the Brisco Brothers. (The Brisco Brothers make their way to a mixed reaction from the crowd.) Bob Caudle: OK, Jerry, Jack, last week, when Eddie Graham tried to confront you about what you said last week on this program, you guys stormed off and refused to answer Eddie Graham’s questions. Now, can you tell us more about your whereabouts last week. Jack Brisco: Again, we’re sorry for our abrupt end of conversation last week but we did have a meeting to attend with a very important person and we were running late so we did what we had to do. We didn’t mean to upset Eddie Graham or anyone else. But we had to leave, it’s that simple. Bob Caudle: Jerry, I mean….we’ve got to wonder here….you pretty much implied that you guys conspired with somebody to have Greg Valentine removed out of the AWA Atlantic Coast Heavyweight title picture. And you didn’t do anything to deny those rumors. Jerry Brisco: That’s because there’s nothing to deny. You want the truth? We’ll tell you the truth. Jack and I were approached by someone so we could take Greg Valentine out of the picture. And we did. I placed the phone call for the fake family emergency, just like I was instructed to. Jack took Valentine’s place and the rest is history. Bob Caudle: But who put you up to this? This is what our fans all want to know. Jerry Brisco; Soon, Mr. Caudle. Soon. But again, we gotta go. (The Briscos leave again, as Bob Caudle seems a bit rattled by the revelations from the Briscos.) Bob Caudle: Fans…I..I don’t know what to say. The Briscos just admitted to us that they were pretty much hired to take Greg Valentine out of the Atlantic Coast Heavyweight title picture and it truly wasn’t Eddie Graham. So, Tony, who could it be? Tony Schiavone: Honestly, I’m as much in the dark as you are, Bob. I have no idea who and why but this won’t help anything in regards to both Valentine and Eddie Graham. Both men want answers and we hopefully will get them fast as things could escalate rather quickly. Bob Caudle: And let’s hope we will get those answers soon. Up next, it’s our main event! MAIN EVENT Match #3 “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes beat Rocky Kernodle in 12:56 with the Bionic Elbow Next week in action: -AWA Atlantic Coast Tag Team Champion Bill White in singles competition -Boomer Lynch takes on Atlantic Coast’s newest acquisition! -Dory Funk Jr in singles action -In our feature match, newcomer “Mr. Magnificent” Kevin Kelly takes on Konga the Barbarian!
  9. SirEdger

    RIP Ashley Massaro

    Technically, he should've been. But outside of the pro wrestling bubble, who really takes Vince McMahon seriously and not as an eccentric unusual carny promoter? Not a whole lot of people. Maybe once he dies, the can of worms will be open and who knows where this will all lead. But it would take a massive name in the mainstream talking against Vince for anything to change around him. And even there, who would?
  10. SirEdger

    All Elite Wrestling

    At least for the gaijin talents, NJPW doesn't seem to care. Don't know about guys like Okada & Tanahashi.
  11. SirEdger

    AWA World Class Wrestling

    Business just picked up in a big way in World Class! And I'm not even talking about the Von Erichs having to find a new partner against the Freebirds!
  12. SirEdger

    Ric Flair (sigh)

    I'll personally take Conrad's word over any dirtsheet or TMZ, given he's his son-in-law. Glad to hear it's not that serious.
  13. SirEdger

    AWA Pacific Wrestling

    Loved what you did with the Vachons together. Great way to instill fear in someone as cocky as Diamond Timothy Flowers. Makes you also wonder which one of Butcher or Mad Dog will be the next in line for his TV Title!
  14. SirEdger

    All Elite Wrestling

    Fall will be fun in the wrestling world!
  15. SirEdger

    Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling

    May 15th, 1984 Orlando, FL AWA Florida Heavyweight Championship: Phil Hickerson beat Bob Dellaserra after interference from Greg Valentine to retain -Purple Haze (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) beat Ricky Steamboat by DQ after Steamboat used a chair on Haze, brought in by Humperdink! -The Missing Link beat Tommy Wright -The Brisco Brothers beat The Youngblood Brothers -Sgt. Slaughter beat Rocky "The Best Kernodle" Falls Count Anywhere: "Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly & Porkchop Cash beat Ric McCord & Don Kent after interference from "Maniac'" Mike Davis! -Gino Hernandez beat Abdullah the Butcher (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) after Abdullah lost his balance while climbing on the 2nd rope and fell, allowing Gino to make the cover!!! -Greg Valentine came out and threw an open challenge to a No DQ Street Fight against any 2 members of the roster who wanted to do Eddie Graham's bidding. Dusty Rhodes & Paul Orndorff came out and obliged! As Rhodes & Orndorff made their way to the ring....Dory Funk Jr attacked Paul Orndorff with the branding iron! Valentine then introduces his newest associate and tag team partner for the night: Dory Funk Jr! No DQ Street Fight: Greg Valentine & Dory Funk Jr beat Dusty Rhodes & Paul Orndorff after Valentine KOed Dusty using Dory's branding iron!