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  1. SirEdger

    Independent Wrestling.TV

    It's also available on Google App, the App Store, Amazon FireTV, Roku and AppleTV.
  2. Need I say more? One of the most epic rivalries in puroresu that arguably gave us the greatest wrestling match ever (and that isn't a tag line here, folks.) This is the topic to talk everything Misawa vs Kobashi!
  3. SirEdger

    Independent Wrestling.TV

    Also, from my neck of the woods, you've got North Shore Pro Wrestling from Quebec City (roughly 15 or 17 events uploaded so far) and almost the entire International Wrestling Syndicate from Montreal catalogue that is up so for those looking to discover the early days of Kevin Steen & El Generico, you'll be in luck!
  4. Two of the most heralded names that have come across the pro wrestling scene in the 2000's. Also, 2 names synonymous with the boom that indy wrestling has witnessed throughout that same period, before both eventually joined WWE (with one having much more success than the other.) This is the thread to highlight the rivalry between Chris Hero and Bryan Danielson through the years!
  5. SirEdger


    Doing great...Being jammed with work lately so I'm very late with my series on this board so I'll have to bounce back and post a bunch of shows in the next few days. I'll probably post a couple tonight.
  6. SirEdger


    Well, I'll be damned. My main man, Den himself bouncing up here! Very much looking forward to see what you got cooking!
  7. SirEdger

    RIP Killer Tim Brooks

    Yeah, just saw Keith Lee's tweet about it. I didn't know that Tim Brooks had a hand in training him.
  8. SirEdger

    Independent Wrestling.TV

    Particularly happy with the addition of the smaller Japanese promotions in the past couple of weeks. Definitely happy with my subscription. It's the only one I have and I don't regret it!
  9. SirEdger

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    Is Don Callis still involved with New Japan?
  10. SirEdger

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    Fairly confident that the fact Impact will allow them to work New Japan is what convinced them to sign with them.
  11. I'm sure that I read this weekend that Bate (and Trent Seven) were both cleared from the allegations about them.
  12. There are some contradictory reports. Some say that Vince is pissed at all the money lost since the NXT UK brand started; others say that they're about to start empty arena tapings for NXT UK again. Who knows.
  13. SirEdger

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Well, "putting fans first" wouldn't mean looking to book an arena in Lakeland, FL for 2 events in July to allow fans to attend. But what do I know?
  14. Man, I'm sure that if ESPN called Renee for a gig, she'd jump on it in a heartbeat. Hell, she totally should. She's too good for WWE.
  15. SirEdger

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?