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[1990-02-09-UWF-with '90 2nd] Nobuhiko Takada vs Kazuo Yamazaki


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This match picks up toward the middle after some failed shoot ins and feigned kicks during the early portions of the match. Takada uses some neat, almost impromptu suplex throws to counter Yamazaki's lock up attempts and Yamazaki uses a swank leg takedown but can't get the hold cinched in before Takada escapes. But the striking is the bread and butter of this match. Yamazaki starts rocking Takada with kicks against the ropes but all it takes is one high kick to the grill to down Yamazaki. They trade strikes, pick up a couple downs, before Yamazaki targets the leg with kicks and leglocks. There's some good selling from Takada here and he's able to catch a foot, headbutt Yamazaki, and blast him with another boot to the face. In the end, Takada staggers Yamazaki with a few slaps and a single leg takedown, working in a single leg crab and then transitioning into the full crab, cranking back to submit Yamazaki. Real good second half.

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