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[2000-10-23-WCW-Nitro] Crowbar vs Vampiro


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Easily the best thing Vampiro has been involved in this year. A perfectly good hardcore style match that highlights the good points of Crowbar. He bumps around like crazy and keeps things focused on the ribs of Vampiro. Vampiro looks lazy and unmotivated at points but does add a few character points with the crazy eyes right before the chokeslam finish. I could do without the druids coming out to set up the table but this greatly exceeded my expectations. *** (6.1)


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Crowbar is all dolled up like some 70’s pimp while Vampiro, who is out second, beckons Crowbar outside to start this on the floor.  He’s more than happy to do so, but ends up getting blitzed by the nunchucks that Vamp was carrying.  Vamp whips Crowbar into the guard rail before they finally make it into the ring.  Some hard knife edge chops by Crowbar although he gets nailed with a spin kick after catching a leg.  Crowbar crotches Vamp on the top rope to escape the side headlock as he then crumples to the floor.   Things pick up from here with a Crowbar splash from the apron to the outside, a bulldog onto a chair and a face first suplex onto the ring steps.  The action returns inside where Crowbar lands a belly to back suplex and a slingshot splash.  He heads upstairs, however Vamp cuts off whatever he had planned launching him to the mat.  ‘Van Daminator’ by Vampiro, but they’re too close to the ropes.  Now it’s Crowbar’s turn to cut off Vamp’s top rope attack with a huracanrana.  He lays a chair over Vampiro’s face and comes crashing down onto it with a slingshot somersault leg drop.  Vamp rolls to the floor and staggers up the aisle with Crowbar in pursuit.  They fight to the back of the arena ending up near the DJ booth.  Vampiro whips Crowbar into the dancer’s cage when two druids show up and stack a couple of tables on top of each other.  Crowbar goes to suplex Vamp off the stage and through the tables but one of the druids grabs his leg to prevent him from doing so.  Vamp takes advantage of the situation; instead chokeslamming Crowbar through the tables at which point Charles Robinson stops the match.  Post-match Vamp gets on the house mic and says the Crowbar’s blood is on Mike Awesome’s hands, holding him responsible for his actions after he superbombed him from the ring and through a table at ringside.

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