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[2000-10-29-ECW-Hardcore TV] Kid Kash vs E.Z. Money


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These two are money against each other (sorry for the pun). Kash starts off hot thwarting the Hot Commodity attempts to distract him and hitting a huge springboard splash to the outside. Money on offense is really flashy but it kind of fits his douchy persona and it is fit for exciting tv matches. Finish comes with Kash making another big comeback and squeezing out the win to a huge pop. I continue to really enjoy latter day ECW. *** (6.2)


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Joel Gertner is more interested in the fact that Elektra isn’t with Hot Commodity because she is at an exclusive photo shoot, Joey Styles going on to inform us that we can see those pictures at ecwwrestling.com.  I’ll pass if you don’t mind.  Hot Commodity are already interfering and we’re not even a minute in, Chris Hamrick tripping Kash from the outside.  Kash lands on his feet from a monkey flip and then backdrops Money out to ringside.  A pair of dropkicks for HC who’re up on the apron followed by a double jump springboard plancha to the floor, taking out everyone.  Dinero hooks Kash’s boot as he goes to get back in the ring allowing Money to stomp him from behind.  The ongoing theme is Hot Commodity having the number’s advantage and their constant interference thwarting Kash whenever he looks like he’s got things going his way.  On one occasion Hamrick provides the distraction allowing Dinero to slide a chain to Money which he wraps around his fist, bloodying Kash up.  Perfect double jump springboard huracanrana by Kash.  Snapping he ends up giving referee Mike Kehner a shove, fed up of his inability to keep things under control.  It looks like there is no chance he’ll be able to overcome the three-on-one odds, however does end up picking up the win courtesy of a ‘Money Maker’.  Not sure why Dinero and Hamrick didn’t break up the pin considering how much they had interfered in the match, the only thing I can think of being that they turned their back on things thinking that Money had everything under control.  Hot Commodity attack Kash post-match, including a cool combination springboard dropkick/powerbomb by Hamrick and Dinero, Spike Dudley, on one good leg, making the save.

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