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[2000-10-29-ECW-Hardcore TV] C.W. Anderson vs Steve Corino


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Another solid tv match althought this one was marred by the train of run ins at the end. Anderson has some good punches and arm work and in general looks like more of a threat here in a #1 contenders match than I would have expected. Corino is sympathetic underneath and at one point accidently superkicks Dawn Marie. Jack Victory also gets driven head first through a table. We get some referee fighting with Danny Daniels and the whole reffin show that get no fan reaction and then Corino is able to eek out the victory. After the match, Credible attacks until New Jack comes out to attack him. Finally Rhino runs and he is the person looking strong as the tv show goes off the air. **3/4


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Even though Steve Corino defeated C.W. Anderson at the PPV earlier in the month to become the number one contender the for World title, and then both were defeated last week in a World title match, this is also “number one contender’s match” (only in ECW).  Joey Styles talks about C.W. being on a quest to win the only title his family has never held, which I think is pretty laughable that they’re still trying to pass him off as a member of that family.  The story of the match is Anderson going after the left arm of Corino, so in a way, very similar again to Anarchy Rulz.  Jack Victory does take one crazy bump through a table on the floor, literally going through it head first, no using his hands to protect himself.  After Jacko’s torpedo, back inside, C.W. launches a chair at Corino, who ducks, and it takes out referee Mike Kehner.  Anderson blocks the ‘Old School Expulsion’, countering with a DDT, when into the ring slides Danny Daniels to replace Kehner.  Dawn Marie breaks up Daniel’s count by jumping on him leading to Styles screaming “cat fight”.  Corino accidentally superkicks Dawn before we get the tedious trope of Daniels trying to fast count Corino’s shoulders to the mat at every opportunity.  H.C. Loc is next in, he goes after Daniels and now we’ve got referee’s fighting.  Fucking hell.  Everyone finally out of there Corino hits the ‘Expulsion’ and retains his number one contendership.  The run-ins aren’t done yet as Justin Credible, New Jack and Rhino all make an appearance, Credible left standing tall over the bodies of Corino and Jack, Rhino having been the difference maker.

Everything up to the Kehner bump was good, everything that followed was not.

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