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[2000-10-30-WCW-Nitro] Rey Mysterio Jr & Billy Kidman vs Sean O'Haire & Mark Jindrak


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I continue to be completely floored that O’Haire and Jindrak didn’t become bigger stars. They are such good bases against Kidman and Rey and can bust out a variety of impressive looking offense. I don’t think Test is an awful worker but they certainly at a minimum feel like a better version of him. This was another good opener and the best part of WCW currently. It really looked like Rey and Billy might gain the win as they were setting up the Shooting Star Press. Alex Wright and Disco miss their cue so there is an awkward moment with a slow count and O’Haire having to kick out. I thought the finish also made Konnan look dumb as Disco is able to get in the ring and hit the chartbuster all the while escaping before Konnan can put the announcing headphones down and give chase. O’Haire and JIndrak are able to retain with this assist. *** (5.8)


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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-10-30-WCW-Nitro] Rey Mysterio Jr & Billy Kidman vs Sean O'Haire & Mark Jindrak
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K-Dogg is showing no sign of last night’s attack post-match attack as he accompanies the Filthy Animals to ringside for this match, although is carrying a poster of Mark Jindrak ‘basketball player’, his gimmick from earlier in the year.  Jindrak makes fun of the size difference between him and Rey and when Rey slaps him across the face he responds with a stiff clothesline.  Rey with a springboard that Jindrak attempts to counter with a tilt-a-whirl, however Rey counters that with a headscissors.  Nice continuation from the spot they did at Halloween Havoc, with Rey prepared almost expecting Jindrak to try what he did last night again.  Mark Madden is back comparing the Thrillers to the Andersons, the Fabulous Kangaroos and the Road Warriors again.  Cool variation on the arm drag by Jindrak, where he whips Kidman into the turnbuckles but keeps hold of his hand, leaps to the middle rope, spring off and takes Kidman down with the arm drag.  O’Haire levels Rey with a clothesline followed by a press slam into a Falcon Arrow.  Slingshot sit-out powerbomb.  Springboard lariat by Jindrak.  He whips Rey into the corner but then runs into a big boot and, after a huracanrana, Misterio is able to make the hot tag.  Kidman with a jawjacker for Jindrak and a dropkick for O’Haire.  He climbs the turnbuckles to pound away on O’Haire when Jindrak snatches him from behind.  Torture Rack into a neckbreaker and a Rey springboard guillotine leg drop breaks up the subsequent pin attempt.  After Jindrak goes sailing over the top rope to the floor, the Animals whip O’Haire into the corner, however he runs up the turnbuckles, sticks a backflip and levels the pair of them with a double clothesline.  The crowd liked that.  Jindrak misses a springboard splash and Kidman with a missile dropkick to the back of O’Haire.  Rey with the ‘nutcracker’ when Alex Wright runs out and up onto the apron (you can clearly see Scott Armstrong delaying his count here waiting for Alex’s arrival).  Misterio decks Wright who falls to the floor and nails him with a pescado.  With Armstrong distracted by what’s going on, Disco Inferno enters the ring from the other side and hits the ‘Chartbuster’ on Kidman.  O’Haire puts Jindrak on top, informs Armstrong and the Thrillers retain.  The Boogie Knights put the boots to the Filthy Animals post-match but are very quickly run off by Konnan making the save.

Another strong outing from these teams.

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