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[2000-10-30-WWF-Raw] Chris Jericho vs The Rock


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The promo to start this off was a good bit of back and forth with each man using the other’s catchphrase against them. The match starts out with Jericho attacking Rock on the entranceway and this was a good preview of the chemistry these two will have a year from now. I like that they both went after each other and Jericho has continued to show more edge as the year progressed. After he left the Chyna angle, Jericho has really had a stellar year and even though he is feuding with Kane, he is still having quality tv matches like this. Jericho locks on the Walls and Rock is able to narrowly escape. One Rock Bottom when Jericho is dominating is enough for Rock to obtain the victory. Rikishi comes out and attacks Rock and then informs us that Rock knew all along about the hit on Austin. Rikishi is done and really shouldn’t be mentioning Austin anymore. He is made to just look like a buffoon that is up for bidding. *** (6.1)


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