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[2000-11-05-ECW-Hardcore TV] Steve Corino & New Jack vs Justin Credible & Rhino


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A batshit New Jack promo in the back where he talks about whipping ass and even calls Dawn Marie retarded. He says he wants Marie to stay in the back and Corino backs him up on that. Corino is on his own for the first couple of minutes and that allows Credible and Rhino to open up his cut. New Jack makes his entrance and we veer off. The Credible vs Jack portion is the usual barrage of New Jack weapons and slice and dice action. The Rhino vs Corino portion was a ton of fun with Rhino taking big momentum bumps into the concession tables and arena doors. Corino is a bloody mess. The punches thrown by both Rhino and Corino are impressive and hate filled. Corino really has established himself at no worse than the 2nd best face in the company behind Tajiri. Match loses momentum with a long shot between Jack and Credible with not much at all going on. Everyone makes their way to the ringside area as Francine gets in the ring to deliver a cane shot to Corino. Corino is able to reverse it and Credible ends up taking the shot. Superkick to Rhino and a chair shot from the top rope give Jack and Corino the victory. Credible comes back in with the cane and takes out both regaining his heat. Rhino sends Jack through a table but here comes Sandman and we have a cane battle that Sandman gets the best off. Sandman then canes Rhino before standing tall to end the show. This set up the PPV Double Jeopardy match fairly well but was a Jekyl and Hyde match between the good (Corino/Rhino) and bad (Credible/Jack). **1/4



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Backstage a ditzy Dawn Marie is concerned that there is a Gangsta back there.  Corino informs her that he is here to watch his back, New Jack adding that while he has history with Jack Victory “money talks”.  This is real intense, threatening stuff from Jack, saying how ‘old school’ to Corino is a side headlock, but ‘old school’ to him is taking a screwdriver, sticking it in your forehead and screwing your brains out!  He warns Francine that if she gets in the way and “plays a man’s part” she’ll be treated like a man and he’ll beat her like a man.  After New Jack leaves Corino tells Dawn to stay in the dressing room for this one.

There’s growing tension brewing between Francine and Justin Credible, the former in no hurry to accompany him and has to be dragged through the curtain.  Corino sprints to the ring, not bothering to wait for his partner.  This early in the match he’s got no chance of overturning the two on one odds, getting beaten down until New Jack’s arrival.  Jack arrives with a trash can full of weapons and tosses Rhino to the outside as they pair off.  A blatant blade job from Credible who you clearly see retrieving a blade from his wrist tape and then cutting his forehead after Jack digs a sickle into him.  With Corino and Rhino now fighting in the crowd the camera is flitting back and forth between the two pairs.  As well as his careless blading there is also some comical overselling from Credible.  New Jack and he end up in the crowd going at it as Corino and Rhino return to the ring.  Rhino no sells a bionic elbow, boots Corino in the mid-section and as I think is going to kill him with a chair shot, mercifully cracks him across the shoulder instead.  New Jack bites Corino in the crotch, leading to Styles quipping that was more action than Francine has given him recently.  Talk of the devil, she accidentally canes Credible and Corino schoolboys him for a near fall.  Superkick to Rhino, New Jack with a chair dive off the top and they both make the cover together as this one is over.  Post-match Credible wears his Singapore cane out on both before Rhino gores Jack through a table as they regain their heat.  Sandman makes the save with help of his Singapore cane, however after clearing the ring Corino refuses his offer of a beer, slapping the can out of his hand.

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