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[2000-11-11-WOW] Jungle Grrrl vs Bronco Billie


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Jungle Grrrl’s graphics are even more ridiculous than the ones we have seen so far. Pretty awful match and Billie gets her finisher in the bulldog that Grrrl kicks out in 1. Marshall tells us we are seeing more action in 90 seconds here than in a long time. Grrrl hits her big splash as the “animal is turned loose” according to McLane for the win. ¼*


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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-11-11-WOW] Jungle Grrrl vs Bronco Billie
  • 8 months later...

It’s not Jungle Girl, but Jungle Grrrl!  If you imagine what Tarzan’s girlfriend Jane to look like then you can picture Jungle Grrrl, right down the leopard print ring gear.  Like the previous match we watched, again vignettes are played as the wrestlers make their entrances to introduce them to any newcomers,  and while Billie’s is the same, Jungle Grrrl is shown in a desert, running through bushes and climbing trees.  Jungle Grrrl is perched on the top turnbuckle, almost like an eagle awaiting her prey, and as the referee gives Billie final instructions, she leaps off and nails her with a double axe handle.  Backdrop followed by a falling headbutt but Billie kicks out of the cover.  Billie slingshots Jungle Grrrl into the corner and hits a bulldog, however that doesn’t even get a one count.  Rewind to last month and remember how after she hit it on E.Z. Rider both Thug and Charlie Davidson interfered to save her from being pinned?  There’s either zero thinking going on or Jungle Grrrl is in for a monster push.  Billie goes for a couple more pin attempts, firstly with a crucifix and then after a monkey flip, but again the kick out comes before the first slap of the mat.  Monster push it must be.  Lee Marshall claims that we’re seeing more wrestling in ninety seconds from these two than we have in a long time!  Jungle Grrrl has had enough of messing around, slams the rodeo queen to the canvas and then comes off the top with a superfly splash for the win.

I actually thought this was a marked improvement over last month.  Running the ropes is still something that the women find difficult, but it was kept short, there were no obvious botches and they eliminated throwing punches, which was another aspect they struggled with last time.  Jungle Grrrl also looks to have some potential in there, the first of the WOW girls that we’ve seen who I think that about.


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