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Superstar Sleeze

[1991-10-05-WCW-Worldwide] Cactus Jack vs Bobby Eaton

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Cactus Jack vs Bobby Eaton - Worldwide 10/5/91


More random matches should start in the aisleway. Doesn't seem like there was a grudge as Tony just says this how you should fight Cactus by bringing it to him. Eaton hits a suplex on the floor and rams Cactus into the railing. Eaton's right, Oh Lordy, is it Sweet! Cactus hits a clothesline from the apron. He has improved his offense. I like his punches a lot here. He does a cool spot where he does the Stroke but puts Eaton's forearm over his face, which seems both nasty/safe at the same time. Eaton hits a home run right and Cactus sells it so well just falling back. Cactus takes a wicked head drop on exposed concrete. Eaton signals for the Alabama Jam, but Abby hits him with a kendo stick and Cactus picks up the win. A ton of fun packed into 5 minutes!

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