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[2007-02-25-BattlARTS] Munenori Sawa & Yuta Yoshikawa vs Hayato Jr Fujita & Katsumi Usuda

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Pretty fun tag with Sawa and Usuda being the standouts. Usuda was pretty stiff with his strikes, at one point punt kicking Yoshikawa in the face. Sawa's takedowns and transitions on the mat are always great, and he uses a neat armbar takedown on Hayato, switching to the leg to set-up the figure-four. Hayato isn't great on the mat but he brings the hard kicks and I liked how he used the knees when he's got the double wristlock on Yoshikawa. Yoshikawa was pretty good as the underdog but there were a few times he seemed lost in the shuffle. He hits a nice arm-trap suplex into the jujigatame before finishing it out with Usuda, who wins via submission. Nothing too crazy.

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