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[2001-01-06-MPPW-TV] Russ & Charlie Haas vs American Dragon & Shooter Schultz


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The Kliq 2000 are out and Corey Maclin finds it funny that Spanky no longer has the Light Heavyweight title around his waist. Spanky tells him that it’s no laughing matter and he feels naked without that belt. He plugs a house show in Bogota tonight, confident that “the belt is coming home with Daddy”, before introducing the newest member of the Kliq, Jason Sensation. Sensation comes over as pretty goofy and doesn’t say much of note but does give us his Shawn Michaels impersonation. The Kliq will be taking on the debuting Haas brothers shortly and a once again masked Dragon informs them that first impressions count, and the first impression everyone will get of them is that they’re a pair of losers.


The Haas’ get some interview time with Corey, although Charlie is like a rabbit in the headlines at first, transfixed by the TV camera and missing his cue. He’s fine when he gets going but Russ had to motion to him to let him know that it was ‘his turn.


Charlie gets an early two count on Dragon after a reverse crossbody. Irish whip, tag, and he slingshots Russ into the ring who wipes out Dragon with a somersault body block. Schultz with the distraction from the apron and that allows Dragon to level Russ with a big kick to the face. Belly to belly by Shooter for a two. He goes for the belly to back, but Russ flips over and catches him with one of his own. Hot tag to Charlie who takes it to the Kliq. Double team slingshot into an overhead belly to belly from the brothers and Schultz is there in time to break up the pin. Spanky leaves his position at the commentary desk to get a closer look at the action, but gets nailed by Russ when he makes the mistake of climbing up onto the apron. That brings out Derrick King who’s not going to sit back and watch him interfere. On seeing the two go at it at ringside, Schultz forgets about the match to go and help Spanky. It leaves Dragon all alone and he falls victim to the Haas’ handspring moonsault/corkscrew leg drop combination as they pick up the win in their debut.


The match only last about three and a half minutes, so doesn’t have that long to build and we get a super short heat segment on Russ. Charlie’s punches need some work, but this is a decent debut for the brothers showing some of their flashier offense and getting the win over a couple of established guys. Not sold on Jason Sensation as a member of the Kliq at the moment as I’m not sure what he can add to the group. It reminds me of how they threw various different things at Bobcat hoping they’d find a suitable role for her, and this is something they’re throwing at him.

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Spanky has a nice haircut and they have Jason Sensation with them. Spanky says he hasn’t slept all week long without the belt and not the good stinky kind of naked either.  The belt is coming home with daddy.  Jason Sensation presents Clique 2000 and then calls Corey Eddie Murphy and Dave Brown Steve Martin.  Sensation says the clique in this millennium will change the face of wrestling.  Hey, 1 out of 3 isn’t bad for Jason. Jason then does a Shawn Michaels impersonation that is legit pretty hilarious. Danielson talks saying that today is the debut of the Haas brothers and talks about the tradition of channel 5. First impressions are important but they are nothing but losers.  Shultz calls himself the technical expert and submission specialist of the group which is hilarious in a faction with Danielson.

Russ and Charlies then come out and give a quick intro promo. Nothing much here except giving their amateur credentials.  They end with their Haas of Pain moniker. Spanky on commentary says the Haas brothers look like a couple of corn dogs. Dragon starts out and the Haas brothers are looking good. Shultz cheats and Clique 2000 is on top for a bit.  Spanky says this is first time Shooter and Dragon have tagged.  Dragon hits a nasty kick to the back of Russ. Nice enzuiguri as well. Haas uncorks a German to Shooter and Charlie is in with the hot tag. Catapult of Dragon into a belly to belly suplex.  Spanky jumps up on the apron and gets knocked down.  Derrick King runs down and Shooter and Spanky beat him down.  Dragon is isolated in the ring and the Haas brothers do a legdrop/moonsault combo to get the win. Fun tv match that packed a lot In 4 minutes. **

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