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[2001-01-13-MPPW-TV] American Dragon & Spanky & Shooter Schultz vs Derrick King & Alan Steel & Bulldog Raines


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Corey is still wearing that yellow beanie, while he has passed the shades onto Dave. Bulldog blocks Shooter’s attempted German, scoots behind, shoves him into the ropes and then powerslams him to the mat. Tag to Steel, but he gets dropped by a Schultz clothesline. He makes a tag of his own to Spanky, however he fails to connect on a wild swinging right as ‘All That’ ducks out the way. They run through a few counters and reversals before Steel pancakes Spanky to the mat for a two count. Derrick King makes his first appearance in the match, but before he can get his hands on Spanky he’s crawled back to his own corner and tagged Shooter. Huracanrana by DK, Schultz reverses the whip though and drives him to the mat with a back suplex. Now Spanky wants in and he puts the boots to King. Superkick out of nowhere by DK. Bulldog, lateral press on Schultz after a flying shoulderblock and Spanky is in there to break it up. Dragon must be carrying an injury as he hasn’t been involved in this once. The match breaks down with everyone getting involved although, again, Steel nails Dragon before he can get in the ring. Schultz and Raines continue to fight it out in the ring while the ref is on the outside trying to restore some order. The Bulldog hits his modified powerbomb but there’s no-one to count the pin. Rob Harlem is out and drops a somersault leg drop to the back of Raines’ neck before rolling Schultz on top. All this does though is bring out Joey Abs who nails Shooter with a double axe handle and then pulls Bulldog back on top. The official sees the Raines cover, slides inside and counts the three.


When you watch a match for the American Dragon and then the American Dragon isn’t involved in it… This is also the third match on the show that featured some sort of take on the referee being distracted/KO’ed and outside interference leading to the finish. Once is bearable, three times is overkill. No Dragon, although we get some Shooter, Spanky and DK, however this is totally skippable.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2001-01-13-MPPW-TV] American Dragon & Spanky & Shooter Schultz vs Derrick King & Alan Steel & Bulldog Raines
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Dave and Corey’s outfit before the match is classic. Match was nothing and Dragon didn’t interact much at all. Shooter had the biggest workload for the TWA team. After 2/3 minutes, we get a run in filled finish involving Joey Abs. Light week for Dragon and Spanky’s progression. ½*

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