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[2009-04-12-BattlARTS] Munenori Sawa & Fujita Jr Hayato vs Tiger Shark & Akifumi Saito


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This was pretty fun, with Saito trying to hang with bad boys Sawa and Fujita with his skinny arms and weak kicks. I guess the story is Saito trying to find the courage/strength/fire to fight the off. I like that Sawa still wants to fight with Saito even when he's on the apron. Between Sawa thunking him with headbutts and Fujita kicking the shit out of him, dragging him away from his own corner, Saito stays on the rocks. Saito tries to fight out but Hayato drills him with more headbutts and a nasty kick to the head. Tiger Shark is decent here and snaps off a few kicks but this is all about Saito wanting to get a little revenge. And it is little. Fujita dumps him with suplexes and takes turns with Sawa punting poor Saito with penalty kicks. Saito's able to land a few headbutts of his own to Sawa bu tin the end, Sawa submits him with the STF.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2009-04-12-BattlARTS] Munenori Sawa & Fujita Jr Hayato vs Tiger Shark & Akifumi Saito

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