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[2018-05-18-wXw-We Love Wrestling Tour: Hamburg] WALTER vs Zack Sabre Jr


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As usual, these two beat the crap out of each other in a fantastic David vs. Goliath bout. They went with the simplest of all psychologies in that kind of a setting; ZSJ went after WALTER's leg, which WALTER sells excellently & puts on an overall amazing wounded-yet-still-dangerous-monster -performance. ZSJ is great working the crap out of that leg & his cocky character work as he realizes he has the big lad in trouble was a joy. Fantastic performances by both guys & a fantastic match. ****

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Another awesome match in the WALTER vs Zack Sabre Jr saga. This time around things were a little bit different with Zack actually being the aggressor in targeting WALTER's leg. The big man sold it very well being on the defensive for most of the match while still laying in his signature vicious chops and moves when he was able to. In a shocking finish, Zack finally trapped his rival in a brutal looking double heel hook for the submission win, ****1/2.

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  • paul sosnowski changed the title to [2018-05-18-wXw-We Love Wrestling Tour: Hamburg] WALTER vs Zack Sabre Jr

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