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[2009-02-27-WWE-Smackdown] John Cena vs Big Show


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*aired 02/27/09


Boy is this a hidden gem of a match. My first thought is why the hell was The Big Show not booked like this his entire WWE career? This match was laid out to make him look like an unstoppable monster with Cena bumping all over the place and having his trademark offense practically no-sold (in a good way). If this was the first Big Show match you saw you'd think he was a guy who won 95% of his matches in dominant fashion.


Cena's selling is fantastic. I love how he works so hard for each comeback attempt only to be cruelly cut off at some point. He does get slightly cocky with that grin once he gets Big Show down for the 5 knuckle shuffle, but that's ok coz Show pretty soon after teaches him a lesson and squashes him. Great visual where Cena attempts a bulldog only for Show to no-sell it instead swatting Cena in mid-air like an annoying mosquito sending him flying out the ring. Didn't see that coming.



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