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[2018-05-20-PWR-Wrevolution X] Jake de Leon vs Zayden Trudeau


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Perhaps more than anywhere else in the world, Southeast Asia and the Philippines in particular, has cultivated a wrestling community by and for internet fans. The people with the capacity to find and consume all different kinds of wrestling are the ones who have the capacity to fund and partake in putting on wrestling shows. This match, which takes place at Philippine Wrestling Revolution's biggest show of the year, seems to be the peak of that kind of zeitgeist. Spots taken from Shibata, Okada, Omega, and countless others permeate the match, not in a sense of natural progression or organic fluidity but more as a point of recognition to pop the crowd. "Remember this spot? I know you watched this match, do you remember it?"


I'm trying not to disparage these guys too much because the reality is, this is the peak of the industry locally as it is. It's just fascinating to consider the mindset that appears to go into structuring these matches.



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