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[2010-03-28-WWE-Wrestlemania XXVI] HHH vs Sheamus

Superstar Sleeze

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Triple H vs Sheamus - WrestleMania XXVI


I don't know why I have always been intrigued by this match. It was a very ho hum match with a shitty finish. Sheamus had just dropped the championship after that out of nowhere win in December of 2009. This program signaled that he would be staying in the main event. Lots of rookie vs veteran and career-making victory vs career-destroying loss on commentary. The match itself was nothing great. A little disrespect early turned into a pretty respectable match. HHH went for Pedigree early and a Figure-4 to pop the crowd. Sheamus threw into the steps. Grinds on HHH. HHH hits his usual comeback moves: High Knee, Facebuster, Spinebuster. Sheamus mixes in his big spots. Brogue Kick->kick out got a decent HHH chant going. Sheamus hits another Brogue, but HHH no sells it and hits a Pedigree. HHH sucks. Skip this match.

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