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[2000-11-17-ACW] Mitch Page vs Madman Pondo (Staple Gun Death)


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Im still looking for that magical unicorn which is a good Pondo match but this may be as close as I get. A perfectly unoffensive garbage brawl with some intensity mixed in and hard shots passed around. They did a good job using the space of the gym and the brawling felt more natural than usual with Pondo involved. I was surprised to see Page pick up the win. I don’t know who promoted this show but it certainly felt IWA-MS in look and card structure. **1/2


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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-11-17-ACW] Mitch Page vs Madman Pondo (Staple Gun Death)

Despite Pondo’s best efforts to insult the fans they’re still cheering for him.  The match starts with the staple gun placed in the middle of the ring and both men on opposite sides of the arena/gym, when the bell rings they sprint to the ring to grab it and the first person who does so can use it as a weapon against their opponent.  Clever stuff from Pondo who opts to collect his ‘Stop’ sign first rather than go for the staple gun.  He uses that to wallop Page over the head with and when he drops the staple gun, picks it up himself.  The next few minutes are spent with them just taking it in turns to staple dollar bills to each other until Pondo pulls out the scissors and carves them across Page’s forehead.  Page falls to the floor and the lone camera struggles to follow the action as fans obscure the view.  You do hear someone say “you said wrestling was fake” so they’re putting on a convincing show.  A couple of chairs are thrown into the ring and the wrestlers follow in after them.  Pondo sits Page on one of them, climbs to the top and then wipes him out with a cannonball.  ‘Mean’ Mitch kicks out of the cover so the Madman goes for it again, this time though Page moves and he flattens the chair.  He drops a leg on his opponent but Pondo clearly hasn’t had anything to eat recently as starts trying to bite a chunk out of it.  The fight returns to the floor where we again lose the wrestlers as it looks like they head out of the doors at the back of the building. Back inside and Pondo kicks out of the cover after a top rope splash.  Page then buries him under some chairs and comes off the middle with a ‘Vader bomb’ for the win.

Well the worm didn’t turn after the CZW match on 10/7 and normal service is resumed with Pondo.  A below average ‘death match’ match featuring my two least favourite death match workers.

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