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[2001-07-14-AJPW] Toshiaki Kawada vs Nobutaka Araya


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Araya’s terrific at taking a beating and Kawada sure gives it to him. When Araya slaps Kawada in the ropes, he gets kicked down. When he tries to elbow Kawada back, he gets flattened and takes a real shitty (shitty in a good way) kick to the head. They slap it out and Kawada completely whiffs on a spinning backkick and lands on his ass for a little chuckle before he promptly resumes being a dick. Araya doesn’t do much on offense but boy, he really wants to hit that moonsault. He misses twice and pays for it, and then when he tries for a third time, Kawada cuts him off and folds him in two with a backdrop. Araya does finally hit the moonsault…mostly…but it’s not enough to finish off Kawada. After he busts Araya open with a running boot, Kawada quickly taps him with the stretch plum. A super fun squash match.

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