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[2001-08-11-RINGS] Volk Han vs Yoshiaki Fujiwara

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Neither guy is prime but it's still Han vs. Fujiwara so no complaints here. This is a little exhibition with them scrambling around the mat, looking to grab something substantial. Han goes for the armbar, the triangle, then drags Fujiwara to the middle o the ring looking for his signature standing single leg. He turns the attempt into his double heel hook but Fujiwara's able to snag an ankle hold, forcing Han to escape. They fight over leglocks and boy, Fujiwara's having a grand time and so is Han. Then we get a classic Fujiwara handshake fakeout into the single leg takedown attempt by Han stops him with a hammerlock. Fujiwara survives a sleeper and manages the Fujiwara armbar briefly before the time expires at 10:00.



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