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[2001-08-08-NJPW] Jushin Liger vs Satoshi Kojima

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A fired up Sendai crowd behind a fired up Liger = FUN! I loved the early la magistral cradle by Liger, forcing Kojima to bail out of the ring. Kojima plays a fun enough spoiler to Liger's babyface comebacks. They work through some holds on the mat before Kojima hits a Koji Cutter to the floor and a Liger Bomb of his own. Liger comes back with a big powerbomb and a moonsault but he can't finish off Kojima, whcih leads to Kojima hitting a top rope Koji Cutter and a cool cradle Michinoku Driver. The nearfall off of Liger's brainbuster was awesome and in the end, Kojima's the one who can't finish off Liger and he runs into a big shotei for the upset loss. 

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