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[2000-11-20-AAA] Cibernetico vs Abismo Negro (Cage)


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Roll up all of your AAA bullshit into one match and you have this. Tirantes, Electroshock and other seconds get involved heavily and the action is lost in translation on me as we get another “crazy” angle without me realizing why everyone is all pissed off and what the end goal is. Mascara Sagrada is also involved as the referee is counting on the outside with both competitors down. Headhunters come out next as well as Perro Agauyo. Pena is interviewed in the middle of the match. Both competitors have been done for minutes and are knocked out and it looks like the match is called off. Headhunters get into the cage and provide a beatdown on Abismo. Abismo is interviewed and a bloody mess but I can’t possibly give a fuck. I will have to think long and hard about what my least favorite promotion of 2000 is but AAA is a heavy contender and this was just shit. As much as the gap between WWF and WCW there was in 2000, there was the same gap in AAA and CMLL IMO as far as quality is concerned. ¼*

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