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[2000-11-20-WCW-Nitro] Booker T vs Lex Luger


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Scott Steiner is on commentary and says he would have no problem hitting Gore or Bush because they are so ugly it is always like they got hit with the ugly stick. He also guarantees Luger isn’t going to win because he is out there to prevent that. Action spills to the outside quickly and Luger starts working on the back of Booker to set up the rack. Back suplex from Luger looks good enough and gets a nearfall. Powerslam follows that up and Luger is very targeted on the back. Booker makes his comeback. Goldberg runs out and Steiner meets him. Again, this is the money match in WCW right now and has more heat and intrigue than anything else. Luger has a chair but Booker moves out of the way and Goldberg spears Luger. Booker pins him for the win. That doesn’t make your champ look especially strong. ½*

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Scott Steiner is once again providing guest commentary on a Booker T title defence.  A rather subdued ‘Big Poppa Pump’ has been attending anger management classes in an attempt to get his temper under control.  He initially thinks that Lex Luger is going to “destroy” Booker, however when Tony Schiavone informs him that if Lex does win he’ll be out of a World title match on Sunday, he changes his view, guaranteeing that Luger won’t be winning and that’s why he is out here.  Lex targets Booker’s lower back clearly softening him up for the ‘Torture rack’.  He whips him from turnbuckle to turnbuckle and gets a one count after a powerslam.  Madden says how Luger looks great, is ‘great’ the new way of describing slow and old?  After running into a pair of big boots Booker levels him with a spin kick followed by the axe kick.  Goldberg comes out to ringside prompting Steiner to leave the broadcast table and the two briefly exchange punches getting way more of a reaction than anything in this match.  Just as security separates them, Steiner pokes Goldberg in the eyes.  Luger has picked up a chair and is about to clock Booker when he is speared by a temporarily blinded Goldberg, Booker having to take evasive action to get out of his way.  ‘The Book’ picks up the win as the commentators speculate as to who Goldberg was actually aiming for with the spear.  Steiner jumps Booker after his victory and security are having to earn their money tonight.

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