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[2000-11-20-WWF-Raw] The Undertaker vs Edge & Christian (Handicap)


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Angle is out for an interview with brother Eric. Kurt talks about the Survivor Series screwjob and he is pleased to announce that the screwjob was avoided this year and for once the good guy prevailed. Taker comes out and beats up Eric before chokeslamming Kurt from the stage through a table at ringside. E&C meet with Foley backstage and even bring out a play urn. They want Mick to apologize on their behalf. Mick instead makes a handicap match with them vs Taker. Taker receives the urn but doesn’t appreciate the gesture. This is the third iteration of Taker vs E&C we have seen so far this year and it was the most frustrating of them all. E&C have proven to be more than comedy players but it seems the company based off the heels of the Conquistador and stuff with Foley, is really doubling down on that aspect and their credibility is going out the window as a result. E&C do have the advantage for the first minute as well they should in a match like this. Edge accidently spears Christian and Taker gives him the Last Ride to pick up the win in three minutes. The crowd heat says a lot here as it was pretty nonexistent. Keep these guys apart WWF. ¼*

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Kurt Angle walks out at the start of Raw alongside his brother Eric.  Jim Ross hasn’t been clued in yet as he doesn’t know who he is, although perceptive Jim notices that he does look a lot like Kurt.  Angle goes onto announce, to all those that were too cheap to buy the PPV, that the Survivor Series screw job was avoided this year and the good guys prevailed!  He introduces his older brother Eric, an All-American athlete and the best big brother a guy could have.  Apparently Eric was waiting under the ring until Kurt had won the match, at which point he was going to surprise him and join in with his celebrations.  The cowardly Undertaker ruined the surprise though, pulling him out and giving him the ‘Last Ride’.  Still he retained the World title and goes on to say that he will remain the champion for a long time to come.  Taker has heard enough and heads to the ring to confront them both.  Kurt shoves Eric at Taker who snatches him around the neck and chokeslams him to the mat.  If he thought he was sacrificing his brother to save himself he was wrong.  A Taker right hand sends him tumbling through the ropes to the floor and he then beats him up the ramp way and chokeslams him off the stage through a table.

The Undertaker goes to see Commissioner Foley in his office and tells him that it’s “pay up” time.  When Mick wonders what he owes him for, Taker says for throwing his ass 25 feet off ‘Hell in a Cell’ and making him famous.  Tonight he wants to make the Angle brothers famous and face them in a handicap match.  As the Commissioner doesn’t know what physical state they’re in after his earlier attack on them he will have to take his request under advisement for the time being.

The Commissioner is a busy man this evening as next to knock on his door are Edge and Christian.  They think that they might have overstepped their bounds at the Survivor Series when they interfered in the Undertaker vs Kurt Angle match and would like Mick to apologise to Taker on their behalf.  He’s been in the company for over ten years now, they didn’t mean to disrespect him and have even bought him a new urn as a way of an apology.  Foley thinks it’s too late for apologies after what they pulled last and have instead urned (sic) themselves a handicap match with the Undertaker for later tonight.

Edge & Christian play a quick game of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ to see who starts, Christian drawing the metaphorical short straw.  There is a nice spot in here where the Undertaker picks him up for a tilt-a-whirl powerslam but Edge spears Taker before he can complete.  The two-on-one odds don’t seem to be bothering Taker as despite being pummelled in the corner he remains on his feet.  Wow, he does go down after a double back elbow, although not for long mind.  Edge accidentally spears Christian when Taker moves out the way and he then throws him out to the floor.  A ‘Last Ride’ on Christian and absolutely nothing was learned from the previous time E&C took on Taker in a handicap match.  To complete the jobber treatment he gives Edge a post-match chokeslam for good measure too.

I thought, well hoped, that this might be completely different to when we last saw the Undertaker squashing Edge & Christian, I was wrong.  Again they were shown as being of zero threat to him and treated like a pair of comedy buffoons.

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