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How Wrestling Has Helped My Depression

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Hi All,

Some of you might of noticed that I have been gone for the past few weeks. I had a mental health scare a few weeks back and was in Brooke Glen Behavioral Hospital in Fort Washington, PA for a two week stay. I have realized many things since I have been out and functional in society. I feel that wrestling has helped me through many tough times including when my parents were drinking through my latest bout with suicidal ideation. I want to share my story and share some experiences that are wrestling related and hopefully I can help anyone that's in need with depression, anxiety, or any form of mental illness. Believe it or not the first thing I did on the Friday I was released from the hospital was watch Omega-Okada IV after cleaning my dad's apartment a bit. Anyways today I attended the funeral for a great uncle who was very holy. He put himself before others and often had given himself to the Lord by sacrificing. He didn't view it as sacrifice, he thought of it as a duty to God and the people he was serving. Anyways I saw many family and friends and was reminded of all the good times my uncle Bob had with us and also having a sense of community in your daily lives. And I do feel that not only with family but with the wrestling communities whether it be at the Monster Factory, PWO, Voices of Wrestling and yes even the people on twitter I interact with on a day in day out basis. I feel like these communities that have the common love of wrestling has helped me see life in a different light, a more positive light. I feel I have gotten to know the stories of so many people from around the country and this world whether through messages, phone conversations, or actual interpersonal interaction. If I had committed suicide, I would not only hurt my family, friends, and associates; I would hurt those in the wrestling community that I have touched and yes disagreed with. I found peace with all the support that I have gotten from various people including Danny Cage, Rich and Joe and the entire VOW Staff, Charles of PWO, and countless others I have interviewed and talked to. I appreciate your support through my most difficult time in my life. I will learn and grow from this experience and continue to grow through many experiences I will continue to have. The battle with anxiety will never end, the battle with depression will never end but with the support I have from my family, friends, associates, and the wrestling community, I owe a debt of gratitude. Thanks for helping me and continue to lead a life in the path you see fit. I love you all.

Your Friend

Danny Kuchler

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