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    Random Match Generator

    Hey Guys, I was thinking and I know there are WWE Network generators that spew a random match but what if we had that for this site and for watching a match that's totally random. I'm by no means a computer whiz but I'm thinking it would take all the matches from the discussion board and put it into a generator. IDK how long that would take for the database and it to be updated as well. What are some ideas you have
  2. dkookypunk43

    Random Match Generator

    No problem, I'm just curious how much work it would take to make something like that
  3. https://anchor.fm/GetintheRing/episodes/Get-in-the-Ring-51519-e42l8g Danny and Beast Mike return to talk AEW TV Deal, WWE and NJPW Best of the Super Juniors. We also watch numbers 100 and 99 of the Greatest Match Ever Project. To participate and see the list go to https://gweproject.freeforums.net/
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    Pro Wrestling Love: Greatest Match Ever Project

    I have enjoyed your work throughout the volumes and am a fan of your blog. Keep up the good work
  8. I love this podcast. Very engaging and fun
  9. My debut article for Fansided's Daily DDT 'The Elite Signing to WWE Would Be More Interesting Than You Think' via @fansided https://dailyddt.com/2018/11/01/elite-wwe-could-be-interesting/
  10. Hey Guys, Meet The Press Slam is BACK and Better than ever with two shows. I will also be going live weekly from 10 to 11 AM on www.montcoradio.com with Morgan Killian Mosely. The first episode I recorded one with Lavie Margolin, author of Trump Mania, and recorded one on Montco Radio. MTPS with Lavie Margolin http://shoutengine.com/MeetThePressSlamVolume2/meet-the-press-slam-with-lavie-margolin-67806 MTPS LIVE with Morgan Killian Mosely http://shoutengine.com/MeetThePressSlamVolume2/meet-the-press-slam-live-episode-1-67807
  11. WrestlingMatchUs is a weekly Twitch stream and audio podcast that explores wrestling and invites you to watch along with hosts Danny Kuchler (dkookypunk43 on PWO) and Joe (Richeyedwards on PWO). Each week, you'll catch our reaction to the selected matches in real time -- often the very first time! This is a unique show because not only can you listen, but can also follow along I'm glad to announce that our podcasting home will be the Pro Wrestling Only podcast feed We start streaming this Friday at 6 PM and the recordings will be saved to twitch for two weeks. I will also have a Youtube where we will save the recordings as well. I am working out the kinks right now and hopefully Friday goes smoothly http://www.twitch.tv/wrestlingmatchus http://www.twitter.com/WrestleMatchUs
  12. Thank you, more to come!!!
  13. It's here, https://www.prowrestlingonly.com/blog/podcast-wrestling-matchus-episode-1 The first episode of Wrestling MatchUs presents a new and fun offer to the wrestling podcast world. Each week Danny and Joe select matches and watch them and invite you to watch along as we comment and provide background to the matches we're watching. We first talk about how the project came to be and how we became wrestling fans. Matches we watched: Kenta Kobashi, Johnny Ace & The Patriot vs Steve Williams, Gary Albright & Lacrosse (AJPW 06-06-97) Hector Garza vs Psicosis (WCW Thunder 02-25-99) Hideo Itami vs Naomichi Marufuji (NOAH 09-01-18) YouTube Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqHewCqKceukIZ6WhAWtkBen-I6Zp2Jpx
  14. I'm learning my way around discord and I think it's a perfect medium for something cool to be done on it. If you're interested in helping me form and get people on a discord it would be great.. The medium not only has text chats, but also voice chats for people wanting to talk. I feel it's better than Twitter where people easily get misunderstood. I would be committed to learning my way around it and moderating something to that effect. https://discord.gg/WMAQzaN
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  17. dkookypunk43

    Does WWE have a roster effort problem

    The main roster has been hot garbage this year and it's actually making me question for the first time the effort out out from almost every wrestler in the roster. Its not enjoyable anymore, I have stopped watching the TV and if Summerslam isn't presentable by my standards I will cherry pick this company in the future. I feel the roster is as much to blame for this PPV rut as the creative and the production at this point. As talented as this roster is, other rosters of past era's made gold out of chickenshit and I am questioning almost every guy on the roster's motivation inside the ring because the product they're outputting isn't good. It may be the fact that WWE is running these guys into the ground for over 340 days a year, it may be because a lot of the guys don't care for their storylines but dammit something needs to be done.
  18. dkookypunk43

    WWE Extreme Rules 2018

    My thoughts on this PPV that it sucked and thought it continues the narrative of lifeless main roster PPVs. The only match worth watching was AJ vs Rusev and I feel that the wrestlers are as much to blame for this PPV rut as the creative, the agents, and the production. I feel that SOME of the wrestlers aren't giving a 100% effort and it shows in the shows and in the product as a whole. I feel that it's something that's gotta be questioned. Look at a guy like Finn who could have a decent match with guys who could have a great match with anyone and could elevate a guy like Baron who sucks and they could have a competent match but they didn't. It's hard for me to get invested with this company when there's so many good wrestling promotions out there and so much good stuff old and new to watch. It's just not doing it for me.
  19. Hi All, Some of you might of noticed that I have been gone for the past few weeks. I had a mental health scare a few weeks back and was in Brooke Glen Behavioral Hospital in Fort Washington, PA for a two week stay. I have realized many things since I have been out and functional in society. I feel that wrestling has helped me through many tough times including when my parents were drinking through my latest bout with suicidal ideation. I want to share my story and share some experiences that are wrestling related and hopefully I can help anyone that's in need with depression, anxiety, or any form of mental illness. Believe it or not the first thing I did on the Friday I was released from the hospital was watch Omega-Okada IV after cleaning my dad's apartment a bit. Anyways today I attended the funeral for a great uncle who was very holy. He put himself before others and often had given himself to the Lord by sacrificing. He didn't view it as sacrifice, he thought of it as a duty to God and the people he was serving. Anyways I saw many family and friends and was reminded of all the good times my uncle Bob had with us and also having a sense of community in your daily lives. And I do feel that not only with family but with the wrestling communities whether it be at the Monster Factory, PWO, Voices of Wrestling and yes even the people on twitter I interact with on a day in day out basis. I feel like these communities that have the common love of wrestling has helped me see life in a different light, a more positive light. I feel I have gotten to know the stories of so many people from around the country and this world whether through messages, phone conversations, or actual interpersonal interaction. If I had committed suicide, I would not only hurt my family, friends, and associates; I would hurt those in the wrestling community that I have touched and yes disagreed with. I found peace with all the support that I have gotten from various people including Danny Cage, Rich and Joe and the entire VOW Staff, Charles of PWO, and countless others I have interviewed and talked to. I appreciate your support through my most difficult time in my life. I will learn and grow from this experience and continue to grow through many experiences I will continue to have. The battle with anxiety will never end, the battle with depression will never end but with the support I have from my family, friends, associates, and the wrestling community, I owe a debt of gratitude. Thanks for helping me and continue to lead a life in the path you see fit. I love you all. Your Friend Danny Kuchler
  20. Andrew Rich (Music of the Mat) joins Danny to reminice on 2000s WWE and to talk about music in wrestling. It was an awesome talk. http://shoutengine.com/MeetThePressSlamVolume2/meet-the-press-slam-with-andrew-rich-59239 NJPW's Lance Hoyt joins the show to talk about his run with NJPW and NOAH over the past two years and his experiences. A really good talk here which had me lose my memory on NJPW. We mention a lot of names and it was fun http://shoutengine.com/MeetThePressSlamVolume2/meet-the-press-slam-with-lance-hoyt-59240 Dylan Hales joins Danny to talk www.powerbomb.tv, SCI, southern indy wrestling and a whole lot more. It was really fun to have him on and more to come with Dylan http://shoutengine.com/MeetThePressSlamVolume2/meet-the-press-slam-with-dylan-hales-59241
  21. dkookypunk43

    Who Booked This? The Podcast Thread

    Villanos vs Psycho Circus
  22. Pierre Carl Ouellet joins Danny as they talk about his independent run, hhis feelings on his career and much, much more. This is a must listen You can follow Meet The Press Slam on Twitter @MeetPressSlam Follow Pierre on Twitter @PCOQuebecer http://shoutengine.com/MeetThePressSlamVolume2/meet-the-press-slam-w-pco-58863 Brandon Howard of Wrestlenomics Radio joins Danny as they talk about his westling fandom, economics and wrestling and training philosophy Follow Brandon on Twitter @BrandonThurston http://shoutengine.com/MeetThePressSlamVolume2/meet-the-press-slam-with-brandon-howard-58862
  23. This was a fantastic way to open up the tournament here as the technical savvy of Doug Williams faces the brute technical style of Pete Dunne. Something just clicked right here and it was awesome. Them just exchanging holds was a treat. Williams hit a Chaos Theory which Dunne grabbed the ropes and then went for it again and Dunne rolled him up. I say go out of your way to see this as I am giving it **** flat.
  24. dkookypunk43

    Who Booked This? The Podcast Thread

    Have you ever seen the BJW Grocery Store Deathmatch that's worth a look Link http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6chswg